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Cars Worth Noting: 2003 Hyundai Accent

2003 Hyundai Accent

 I used to dismiss Hyundais
but alas I was deluded.
They’re affordable, reliable
and what you need’s included.

They look like they cost much, much more.
They won’t bore you to tears.
Their warranty will cover you
at least for 10 full years.

There’s many shapes and sizes
but the one that spurs this rhyme
is also Hyundai’s cheapest car,
that does it every time.

The little 3-door Accent
that I drove in GL trim,
had a worthwhile GT package
that was value to the brim.

Spoiler, fog lamps, alloy wheels,
fat tires, nicer seats.
A nicely tuned suspension
that made turning corners sweet.

A popular equipment group
was also on the car.
It cost $400 but that money
does go far.

Power windows, locks and mirrors
and CD in the dash,
are very upscale options
for that little bit of cash.

Of course it wouldn’t mean much
if the Accent wasn’t fun.
But put your fears to rest
because this car is Number One.

It handles well; it’s quick as hell.
It does what it is told.
At slightly over eleven grand
The Accent’s good as gold. 

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Sun. April 14th, 2024

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