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Automotive Industries (Ai) high-value sponsorship and lead-generation programs

“Click To Book” with Ai now for high-value programs that go way beyond just banner ads, high-value advertising targeted by topic and/or keyword with sub-niche sponsored newsletters and metaverse engagement of your videos, information, advertisements, 3D holograms and interactive content

Rates: Advertising, Sponsorship and Banners

New – Automotive Industries Return On Performance Buy

Automotive Industries introduces Ai’s Return on Performance.  We are giving you the outcome that you want to achieve with Ai’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Are you interested in an awareness campaign to reach people with impressions or trying to drive targeted visitors to your website or are you looking at individuals’ interests/behaviors,

Ai’s media team will review your target and decide what tactics and digital strategies would bring about the promised results and executed on those strategies until YOUR results are achieved.

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Automotive Industries Publicity via Print, Digital & Metaverse

1. Ai high-value Print: On demand at events such as CES, SAE, IAA, Automechanika in EU, Asia & North America, includes custom cover, reprints for events, lobby reception copies and nomination in the Automotive Industry Supplier of The Year Award “Click To Book”

Automotive Industries Magazine Datacard Display

Automotive Industries Magazine Email Datacard Display

2. Ai high-value Digital: Includes custom cover (blockchain minted NFT), unlimited lead generation and unlimited PR. Average 120 Leads Per Interview. “Click To Book”

Social Media broadcast to 3.6m automotive industry professionals

SoMe via LI, FB & TW Social_Media_Reach_3.6m

3. Ai high-value Metaverse – Augmented Reality via the Automotive Industries App: Automotive industry professionals can simply point their mobile device at your corporate logos, signs, buildings, products, landmarks to instantly engage videos, information, advertisements, 3D holograms and any interactive content all hosted in the cloud and managed using a menu-driven portal. “Click To Book”

Ai Publicity CostPDF media pack

Ai Sales Deck – Automotive Industries (Ai) Sales Deck_2022_v3

Ai Key Numbers – Automotive Industries (Ai)_Some_Key_Information_&_Numbers_V3_1

Print $9630 • Digital $6390 includes NFT, Lead Gen & SoMe • Metaverse $3690 Mobile App

Unlimited Press Releases (UPR) for 12 months + $1,800 / £1,500 / €1,500 “Click To Book”

Annual renewal discount for regular advertising, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Advertising, Augmented Reality Assets and Banners Creative Guidelines: Click Here

Advertising themes:

  • Awards
  • Purchasing
  • Quality
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Materials
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics

Ai high-value Website Banners

Size: up to 900 x 300 & 300 x 300 for website banners

$990 three month banner , $1,800 six month banner, $3,330 for twelve month banner

Automotive Industries Online:

Ai high-value publicity includes Automotive Industries LI, TW, FB Ai Front Cover posts to the following groups (3.6m members):

Automotive Industry Professionals Worldwide 367,768

Auto OEM Network – World’s Largest Automotive Group 373,381

Automotive OEM Professionals 101,603

Purchasing & Global Supply Chain Professionals 146,394

Automotive Management Professionals 203,415

Automotive Innovation 13,512

Automotive News Professional Community 107,035

Automotive Engineers 64,745

Automobile Industry Professionals India 45,689

Automotive Industry Professionals 207,536

Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality Innovation 43712

Automotive Repair Professionals 21,161

Automotive Infotainment, Telematics & Connectivity 18,390

Global Battery Professionals 9,344 • Mexico Automotive Industry 19,265

Automotive IQ 13,358

Russia Automotive 7,221

Fasteners Industry 37197

Automotive Fasteners 7,047 • \

China Manufacturing & Engineering Professional Network 中国制造、机械行业职业联盟 14,204

Center for Automotive Research – CAR 4,659

Automotive Digital Marketing 19,822

Consumer Electronics Industry Professionals 18,767

Connected Car 1,239

Automotive Dealers Network 31,543

Autonomous Vehicles and Platforms 1,672

China Automotive Professional Network 中国汽车行业职业联盟 4,497

SupplierInsight – Automotive Suppliers Network 3,250

Smart Mobility Hub 2,124

Telematics News 6,967

Automotive PRO Network 19,314

Fasteners Industry 37,197

Powertrain 25796

Automotive Fixed Operations Managers 23788

Hybrid, Electric, PEV, and PHEV Engineering 17998

Automotive Testing 15364

Electric and Autonomous Vehicles and Infrastructure; Mobility Services 12092

Tire Industry  9885

Rubber News 7876

China Automotive Group 5937

Automotive Diagnostics Group 5768

Autonomous Vehicle Technology 5303

Dutch Automotive Technology 4894

Move360°/Mobility 4.0/Electric/Connected/Autonomous 4529

Electric Vehicle Business 2579

Automotive Industry Professionals – INT 1582