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  • Thank you for your nice words regarding my retirement. It was always a pleasure working together with you and I really liked your stories about Liqui Moly.  All the best for you personally and for the future of Automotive Industries.
    Ernst Prost, LIQUI MOLY GmbH.

  • The custom magazine produced for our company has done an excellent job of helping us tell our story to prospective and current clients. The staff at Automotive Industries was responsive and professional throughout the writing, editing and publishing process.
    Julie Fosgate, Senior Vice President, Marketing, CNAN National Warranty Corportion.

  • It`s VERY nice! Everything looks great.
    Linda Ferries Senior Communications Manager Delphi Corp.

  • Thanks a lot for all the information. It looks great – big compliment to you and your colleagues…and as soon as we have added the link on our website we will inform you. Thank you very much in advance for your effort.
    Eva-Maria Tomic Marketing, Hamamatsu Photonics Deutschland GmbH.

  • Thank you very much for your support – this looks great!
    Matthias Bartmann Communications Manager – Catalysts Europe, BASF – The Chemical Company.

  • This is outstanding thanks. I want to be sure we also have some of the full magazine because I want to place them in some of the lobby’s and desks of our alliances and our press and publication firm. Thank you again for all the help and support in this effort from you, Jon and the AI Team.
    Sue Lines, VP Operations, Saphran.

  • Thanks Jon (Knox), Really nice job. Much appreciated.
    Roger Ormisher, Sr. Director, Global Corporate Communications & PR, Fisker Automotive

  • The ability to turn pages and see exactly what I also see in the paper printed version is excellent. I really like the ability to click on live links in the online version. That just saves a lot of time if I want to follow-up an interesting item with direct access to more information. In the paper version I may, or may not, ever get to actually following up on my interest. Best of luck to you and AI in this new format…and for saving the trees and postage.
    Jim Jeppson, VP, Marketing, VMT TECHNOLOGIES

  • I just wanted to express my thanks to you all at AI for your efforts to put together a wonderful piece on Primet. The article came out just as we had planned, and the ad placement was perfect. We’ve received the 200 custom copies, and are selectively distributing them now. Thanks again for your very professional support.
    Jeffrey D. Orens, Vice President Business Development, Primet Precision Materials, Inc

  • I received the copies of the issues ….VERY nice indeed thank you very much! Would it be possible for you to send me the pdf of the final versions of both the cover and the article itself? Milliken is asking. I shall await your reply…Thanks again –
    Lori DiLego Account Executive AH&M Marketing Communications

  • It’s sort of like the Byte Magazine of the PC industry, very hardcore, covers all the models in-depth, explains what’s going on inside……definitely part of getting things going.
    Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft

  • Last week on the embedded world trade show we distributed some of the magazines. It was nice to experience the customers reactions…being really interested to read the magazine
    Tapio Kramer, Marketing Manager, INCHRON GmbH

  • Today we have received the copies – they look great – I like them! Thanks so much…so all the best and thanks again for the good cooperation.
    Mandy Ahlendorf Communications MOST Cooperation

  • This was a great opportunity for Milliken and they were very interested in this opportunity.
    Amy Godfrey Account Manager AH&M Marketing Communications

  • Thanks.   Again, this all looks amazing
    David Bogema, Senior Application Engineer, Brüel & Kjær North America Inc

  • Your magazine issue is excellent. Many thanks for putting Adcole on the back cover
    J Brooks Reece, VP, Adcole Corporation

  • We received the hard copies of Automotive Industries, I did not expect to see us also on the back page!!…very positive, this looks all very professional, thank you very much!!
    Arno Köhler, General Manager, ZygoLOT GmbH

  • The way Automotive Industries takes ideas from technical or management specialists and applies them to the automotive context is very informative and helpful.
    Christoph Loch,  Professor of Technology Management, INSEAD

  • We believe this is the first of many revenue streams we will receive soon as we are in many active negotiations. Our feature article in Automotive Industries is creating global interest in what we have. There are many engines being touted around the world as beneficial but ours is the first in a generation to enter mass production for global sales to make it widely deployed and available to the world.
    Sanjai Chhaunker, President & CEO of AVEC

  • The magazines arrived safely, thank-you. Everyone is impressed with the article and ad
    Barry Nay, CMO, Wyless

  • What a brilliant article!!!
    Rolf Wuhrl, President & CEO, AuDaCon AG

  • Our collaboration is great and it was a fantastic kick-off…we are happy with the results.
    Michele Ziosi, NGV System ItaliaAG

  • We are very proud to be in AI for a second time and we hope that we will make more projects with each other in the near future
    Sabine Wuhrl, marketing assistant, AuDaCon AG
  • I loved the custom cover you did with Fred on it, and I can`t wait to hold the issue in my hands!….Many thanks for all your help on this.
    Megan Miller, Director of Marketing, Data I/O Corporation

  • Saw the magazine this morning and the article – looks fab. Good job
    Neasa Ni Liathain, Communications & Marketing Manager, WORLD LP GAS ASSOCIATION

  • Everone is happy with the magazine interview and advertisement. It turned out very well. Thanks!
    Dean Misenhimer, director of marketing for MontaVista Software

  • Thank you very much for your cooperation during these months and for the great job we have done together
    Chiara Pasetti, Marketing & Promotions Manager, Geico spa

  • Thanks again for the nice work
    Bert de Gooijer, founder, Gomecsys BV

  • The article looks very good, thanks for that.
    Richard van Mulken, managing director, VMT Ecopackaging

  • Thanks again for the opportunity to work with you and we’re delighted with the questions you asked us
    Diana Sousa, Managing Director: Eurotype (Pty) Ltd

  • The interview and the magazine provide a good overview of Cullmann’s OEM approach. We appreciated very much the good cooperation
    Lars Schultheiss, Global Marketing Communications, Momentive Performance Materials

  • It looks very good! Thank you for all your effort to get us on board
    Jelena Janjic, Managing Director: Eurotype (Pty) Ltd

  • Your interview with Mr. Mulally was excellent…
    Douglas R. Shute, Arlington, Virginia, USA

  • Congratulations on putting together a fine publication.
    John M. Mora, Daubert Cromwell

  • The magazines arrived yesterday afternoon…They look good.
    David Howarth, ETAS, Durector – Marketing

  • Yes, we did get the copies and they look GREAT!
    Nick Scuderi, vice president marketing and sales, Scuderi Group

  • The giant screen was really amazing, and I saw the film on your web again…congratulations.
    Laure Teste d”Armand, SALON Equip Auto

  • I have the magazines at my desk. They are nice. I will distribute copies to our Freescale Automotive team.
    Kat Lyon, Automotive Marketing Communications, Freescale Semiconductors

  • Automotive Industries…Thank you!…on behalf of Eastcon International Limited, organizer of the GAPA Show – Macao 2008, I wish to extend our sincere gratitude for your involvement and part in making the GAPA show – Macao 2008 a great success.

  • Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to advertise in your magazine
    Carrie Fritch, Marketing Analyst ITT Industries Fluid Handling Systems

  • I printed it out for Richard — 4 copies, in fact! He likes it a lot!! Great job!
    Peggy Martin, executive assistant to Richard Steinke, chief executive officer of Amerityre Corporation

  • They look awesome (AI custom issue)
    Ron Hayes, Area51 ESG – Metro Detroit Office

  • The copies look great and have been distributed around our w/w sales force!
    feedback is, v. good! many thanks for your outstanding support

    Philip Wood, Senior Manager, Global Market Development, Actel Corp

  • We greatly appreciate the opportunity to share our story with Automotive Industries and your readers.
    Ronald A Hayes, C.P.M. Director, Automotive Business Development, Area 51 ESG – Metro Detroit Office

  • I look forward to reading it each month, but it does not always arrive….. because colleagues raid the communal ‘in-tray’. I find the editorials & articles well written, with the minimum of jargon, overall giving a valuable insight into the US automotive world.
    Neville Jackson Ford Motor Co

  • I am so pleased to inform you that Mr. Cheol-Seung Cho, President & CEO of Energine Corp. was satisfied at above interview/article online with hundred percent…we express our heart-felt thanks to you & AI Gentlemen, who help us grow with entering into a partnership of mutual benefit for years ahead. We shall try to do the best to live up to our reputation as loyal customer which AI will endow in future.
    In-Sun Kim, on behalf of Cheol-Seung Cho, CEO, Energine

  • Thank you very much for producing a super Automotive Industry magazine. Please keep up the good work – AI format, focus and quick reading makes it “lovable”
    M Sufian Abdullah, PETRONAS

  • Thanks for your kind attentions on Fuyao, Automotive Industries is a very well-known and influential magazine in the world, we are very honored to get the chance of interview by you, thanks for your kind arrangement for this matter. China Fuyao Glass welcome you!!
    Xia Xue, Manager of Public Relationship Department of Fuyao Group

  • This looks great! Thank you
    Eva, Assistant Manager Commercial / Legal Mitsui O.S.K. Bulk Shipping (Europe) Ltd.

  • You have done excellent job. Mr.Bencic is thankful regarding our cooperation
    Kreber Pille, ELCON d.d

  • Great Magazine, I love the information and highlights of the automotive industry that this magazine gives its subscribers… keep up the good work!
    Jason D. Smeak

  • AI Praise…Automotive Industries is the overall best techncal magazine. I read it cover to cover without fail
    David Bechtold

  • I always find something interesting in AI magazine. We supply dies for molding of small plastic parts for the industry
    Lee Jones, CTO, Ten-Tec

  • AI is and has always enjoyed iconic status among the automotive design, engineering, and manufacturing world – and thus AI can command a value-added relationship to the marketplace
    Jeremy Eckhous, Account Director, Collaboration LLC

  • Keep up the good work
    L. Craig Maners Rolls-Royce Corporation Engineering Technician

  • AI has been about for ever
    Andrew Shephard, EML

  • I have received Automotive Industries for years and really enjoy it
    Richard Clavette, Delphi Delco Electronics Ops Manager

  • We are very pleased with our personalized copies of the Automotive Industries
    Gena Galbraith, Lectra North America

  • What a pleasant surprise to receive the latest issue of AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES and see the many, many changes. The look of the magazine, especially, is far superior to how it appeared in the past
    Steve Parker – The Car Nut

  • Thanks for the editorial; it looks v. good to me
    Gerard Schwaller, ALLPER AG

  • We look forward to the publication
    Gwilym Kingdom, Managing Director, Omnigraphics (Pty) Ltd Automotive Division

  • The article was excellent!
    Mark Weissenborn Business Unit Manager, General Motors, Shape Corporation

  • Thanks for your good work. It’s always useful to spread this out during
    seminars and company-presentations at big Automotive companies

    Christophe Gregoir, ESAB nv

  • The magazine has been appreciated internally as well as externally and I would like to ask you for additional copies
    Jan Unander, Teleca AU-System AB Gothenburg

  • Looks good
    Paul Burgum, Industry Manager – Manufacturing & Engineering, Microsoft

  • I have been reading Automotive Industries magazine for some time and I find it to be one of the most important sources of information for manufacturers and suppliers which are active in the automotive sector.
    Uri Pachter, Marketing Communications, M2M Com

  • The copy has arrived … looks good!
    Michelle Donoghue, Automotive & Subcontracting sectors, The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute

  • Automotive Industry is very useful publication, as it contains important and interesting things about the auto-world, we would like to receive the next issues
    Csisz Agota, VOLVO TRUCK Hungary

  • In my opinion, it looks great.
    Stephanie Bertram, Kloth-Senking Metallgieserei

  • Just received the FedEx package! Great issue, Thank you
    Christian E.G. Przirembel, Ph.D. Vice President for Research, Clemson University

  • “HP’s views on telematics” Thanks
    Brian F. Walker, Director – Global Automotive Industries, HPS Consulting & Integration

  • Looks great
    Tim Williams, Chief Executive, Welsh Automotive Forum

  • As I saw on your website, the issue with the report about eCl@ss is online and it looks really great
    Jochen Geise eCl@ss e.V.Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln Consult GmbH

  • Looks good… Is there any possibility we could receive 200 copies?
    Graham Wardlow, Magnesium Elektron

  • Thanks, it looks good, graphics are visible and nice
    Chris Krajenbrink MoH, Marketing, AIRON Technic, a.s

  • I appreciate receiving a copy of the publication
    Amy Gustafson, Communications Manager, Honeywell Sensing and Control, Automotive on Board

  • The copies just arrived. Thank you very much.
    Felix Schüchen, Schüchen International GmbH & Co. KG

  • Thank’s for the attached version, nice job!
    Magnus Winterman, Country Manager Sweden & VP Investor Relations, TMG International AB

  • Looks great…Looking forward to seeing the paper copies
    Joe Braga, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications USA

  • It’s perfect. Thanks
    Alberto Agirregomezkorta Cikautxo, S.Coop.

  • Thank you again for all of your help on this project.
    Kim G. Pichanick, Communications/Investor Relations Specialist, Aleris International, Inc.

  • Looks OK, Best regards
    Percy Ekstrom Manager, Strategic Business Segments Sapa AB

  • Thank you very much for excellent cooperation once again and greetings from Zurich
    Bernd Maresch, Swiss WorldCargo, Swiss International Air Lines Ltd.

  • Look forward to setting up an interview with you
    Peter Wengert Global Director, Manufacturing Industry Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial Equipment, Microsoft

  • Good job
    Stephane CHAMPLONG, Communication Manager Rhodia Electronics & Catalysis

  • Thank you for sending the copies, I think it all came out very nice
    Andrej Andrijanic, Car Terminal Director, Luka Koper d.d.

  • We’ll use this and post it on our sales web site for our automotive sales teams
    Jilene Thomas, Manufacturing Industries Marketing Hewlett Packard Company

  • We got the samples and it looks great. Thanks a lot again for this very good teamwork.
    Tanja Brieller, Telemotive AG

  • And thanks again for the Siemens/GM story. Client and customer alike were VERY impressed
    Tim Daro, President, Bernard & Company