The Experts’ Predictions on Interior Color

The Lincoln Zephyr concept interior is a look at future premium market trends with its soft, pale leather interior with light, natural-finish wood accents.

Delphi’s Vince Brooks:
 “More color in general, more fun in the interior. A variety of materials that come together to create the look. A resurrection of real or honest representation of materials such as wood, stone, mother of pearl or shell.”

JCI’s Sherry Sabbagh:
 “Jewel accents and flashes of color for refinement. Soft, pale colors such as creamy Olay white; pale grays with a slight hint of blue, yellow or green; mushroom beiges that are clean and fresh. Anything light — spaciousness is becoming the new currency of luxury in automotive. Also, a trend toward chameleon colors, where the color suddenly shifts from one color to another.”

Lear’s Lisa Tucci:
 “Almost whites, creamy beiges. New uses of accent colors. Premium leather instead of production leather. Interesting knit fabrics and geometric patterns. Dual luster that contrasts light with shiny. A new group of advanced materials to take OEMs to the next level.” GST Auto Leather’s Jerry Lamb: “Cost-effective introductions of accent color in seating, steering wheels and shift knobs. Very clean looks. More elements of the exterior color brought into the interior. More opportunities for customization at the dealer level, such as snap-in trim panels. More natural-effect leathers.”

Seton Leather’s Nicole Fonseca:
 “Light and creamy colors. No more dark, cave-like interiors. Real materials versus imitations. Custom ordering that will allow you to bring in your favorite shirt to a dealer and order a leather interior in that color.”

GM’s Chris Webb:
 “More creative use of natural materials and textures like bamboo. Sporty, interesting tri-color interiors, such as the Pontiac Solstice’s combination of beige, blue and gray. More specific, packaged interior colors linked to specific exterior colors. Stamped, embossed, etched and antiquated leathers. More experimentation with Anodized finishes and other innovative metal accents.”

Nissan’s Anke Mazzei and Bryan Thompson:
 “General trend toward more unique interiors. Wood accents that reflect the shape of real wood. Materials that make a more honest statement.” DaimlerChrysler’s Margaret Hackstedde: “Tortoise shell as a decorative finish. More technical type grains instead of animal textures. Addition of a little bit of jewelry in satin or bright chrome, geometric textures.”

Audi’s Norbert Seitner:
 “Very stable trend toward black cars, away from beige. Emergence of silvers, blacks and dark blues. Fresher grays coming in both U.S. and Europe.”

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Sat. June 15th, 2024

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