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Fabryka Lozysk Tocznych – Krasnik S.A. – “The Fair Play Enterprise”

Polish bearing manufacturer Fabryka Lozysk Tocznych - Krasnik S.A. (the Krasnik Rolling Bearings Factory, Joint Stock Company) has been awarded “The Fair Play Enterprise” certificate.

Polish bearing manufacturer Fabryka Lozysk Tocznych – Krasnik S.A. (the Krasnik Rolling Bearings Factory, Joint Stock Company) has been awarded “The Fair Play Enterprise” certificate.

This shows that the company’s reputation is built not only on good performance indicators or high quality of its products, but also on its respect for ethical standards and the generally accepted code of conduct, it says. The award is the latest in a string of accolades they include: “The Voivodship (Provincial) Business Leader”, “The Export 2005 Leader” and “The Reliable Company”.

The good reputation of FLT-Krasnik S.A. helps to distinguish the company from other manufacturers who supply equally good products or services, and therefore a good reputation has its market value in addition to prestige values. The fair play conduct towards customers, employees, the owner and the environment testifies to a responsible attitude to company management and is one of the sources of the company’s success. Thanks to a favourable assessment from its environment, FLT-Krasnik S.A. can operate under high competition conditions in the long term.

FLT-Krasnik S.A. is a company which has recognized that, in addition to the drive to make constant improvements in all areas of its operations, ethics in business is a necessary element of actions leading to success, it says.

FLT Krasnik is Poland’s largest rolling bearing manufacturer. The production of bearings was started in 1948. Over the last years, the company has transformed itself from a state-run enterprise into an efficiently operating corporation.

Highly skilled staff enables the implementation of innovative projects which guarantee the organisation’s development and success, it says. A culture of strong managerial personnel, care for customer satisfaction based on flexible, comprehensive service and partnership cooperation, further strengthen the company’s stable position on the global market.

The automotive industry is the main customer for FLT-Krasnik S.A. bearings (about 60% of its production). Through its long-standing cooperation with the world’ major car and subassembly manufacturers, such as Peugeot-Citroen, Renault, Fiat, Daewoo, GKN, the company has earned a high position as a long-term supplier. FLT- Krasnik S.A. bearings are also used in electric motors, fork lift trucks, motor reducers and reducers, as well as in agricultural machines

“Requirements of the market and the ever increasing competitiveness of global bearing corporations mobilizes us to effectively use our production capacities, to increase productivity and to enhance quality of our products through a constant improvement of manufacturing technologies and production organisation,” it says.
The quality of FLT-Krasnik S.A. products is born out by the quality standards it has obtained. The company has the ISO/TS 16949:2002 quality management system certificate, and also by its long-standing cooperation with renowned automotive industry manufacturers. Furthermore, FLT-Krasnik S.A. has an integrated management system in place, which includes quality, environment and safety management (according to the standards PN-EN ISO 14001:1996, OHSAS-18001:1999, PN-N-18001:2004).

The highest quality, just-in-time deliveries and constant improvement have become for FLT-Krasnik S.A. a standard in the global competition. The future challenge for the company is the expansion in the direction of new product applications and closer cooperation with customers, what will guarantee the company’s development and success and strengthen its position on the global market, it says.

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Tue. June 18th, 2024

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