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Ford Motor Company renews contract with TechTeam to provide global desktop

TechTeam Global, Inc., worldwide provider of information technology (IT) and business process outsourcing support services, announced a contract renewal with Ford Motor Company to provide single-point-of-contact (SPOC) support services for clients who utilize Ford Motor Companys IT products and services. This
contract encompasses help-desk support, desktop support, and program management services for Ford Motor Company, Ford Financial, and Ford Motor Companys Premier Auto Group. Additionally, the Ford supplier base receives help-desk support on supplier-used applications.

The SPOC program staff, which is managed by Ford, is distributed throughout North America and Europe and the Support Centers handle support-related requests from Ford Motor Company locations around the globe.

The SPOC process enables Ford Motor Company end users and suppliers to rely on one, single point of contact for the resolution of all IT support incidents, which are resolved, tracked, and analyzed using common global best practices. SPOC deliverables include vendor accountability, a sharpened focus on incident avoidance, increased customer satisfaction, and substantial cost savings for Ford Motor

Company and its entities.
‘TechTeam and Ford have developed a strong partnership through 22 years of building a SPOC program that enables us to deliver continual support improvements while lowering costs,’ stated William F. Coyro, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer of TechTeam Global, Inc. ‘We are honored to have such a close partnership with Ford and its exceptional IT services staff, and are pleased to continue supporting its end users and suppliers around the world.’

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Wed. May 29th, 2024

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