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Home Hydrogen Refueling Technology Advances With the Introduction of Honda’s Experimental Home Energ

Further advancing its vision of a gasoline- and emissions-free transportation future, Honda R&D Americas, Inc., in conjunction with technology partner Plug Power Inc., have introduced the Home Energy Station III, which provides heat and electricity for the home as well as fuel for a hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle. This third generation unit, located at the company’s North American headquarters in Torrance, California, is more compact and efficient than previous Home Energy Station models.

Following Honda’s strategy to develop intermediate as well as longer-term alternatives to traditional energy sources like gasoline, the Home Energy Station III uses natural gas as its base energy source. In keeping with the path established by early generation systems, Home Energy Station I and Home Energy Station II, the Home Energy Station III is designed to work in a home-based refueling environment and is able to supply a sufficient amount of hydrogen to power a fuel cell vehicle, such as the Honda FCX, for daily operation while providing electricity for an average-sized household. A goal of this energy station is to provide high overall energy efficiency and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the more effective use of natural gas.

Home Energy Station III is roughly 30 percent smaller than its predecessor (Home Energy Station II) with an approximate 25-percent increase in electrical power output. Overall performance increases with more energy-efficient operation, increased hydrogen storage and production capacities, and a faster start-up time of about one minute.

Additionally, hydrogen storage and production capacity are both improved by about 50 percent with the use of a new, high-performance, natural gas reformer. The Home Energy Station III is also able to function as a backup power generation system during power outages by using the hydrogen in the storage tank to power the internal fuel cell, providing as much as 5 kilowatts of electrical power to the home in normal and emergency conditions.

“The third generation of Honda’s Home Energy Station continues to push the limits with its innovative technology,” said Ben Knight, vice president of Honda R&D Americas. “The combination of home energy generation and home refueling offers an attractive alternative to gasoline and takes us one step closer to a truly viable hydrogen-based transportation system.”

The Home Energy Station III will be tested in conjunction with the Honda FCX, the world’s most advanced fuel cell vehicle, at Honda R&D Americas, Torrance, California, headquarters.

About Honda

Honda (NYSE: HMC) is a leading manufacturer of automobiles and power products and the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world. Honda has always sought to provide genuine satisfaction to people worldwide through innovative products of the highest quality and high value.

The result of these efforts is more than 120 manufacturing facilities in 30 countries worldwide, producing a wide range of fun, clean and efficient products including motorcycles, ATVs, generators, marine engines, lawn and garden equipment and automobiles that bring the company into contact with about 20 million customers annually.

Honda began operations in North America in 1959 with the establishment of American Honda Motor Co., Inc., Honda’s first overseas subsidiary. Honda began assembling motorcycles in America in 1979, with U.S. automobile manufacturing starting in 1982. Honda now employs more than 26,000 Americans in the design, manufacture and marketing of its products in America. Honda currently builds products in 12 manufacturing plants in North America, with three major R&D centers in the U.S.

About Plug Power

Plug Power Inc. (Nasdaq: PLUG) is an established leader in the deployment of clean, reliable, on-site energy products. More than 550 Plug Power fuel cell systems have been delivered to customers worldwide in commercial, public sector, telecommunications, utility and uninterruptible power supply markets.

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