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Hitachi has positioned the automotive systems business as one of its targeted fields

Hitachi, Ltd. and Hitachi Mobile Co., Ltd. announced that they signed a stock-for-stock exchange agreement to make Hitachi Mobile a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hitachi. This move is intended to strengthen Hitachi’s automotive systems business.

Hitachi currently owns a 64.8% shares of Hitachi Mobile. However, subject to an approval of Hitachi Mobiles extraordinary general meeting of shareholders to be held on February 17, 2006, Hitachi Mobile will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hitachi through a stock-for-stock exchange on April 1, 2006. Hitachi Mobiles shares will be delisted as a result of the stock-for-stock exchange.

Hitachi has positioned the automotive systems business as one of its targeted fields. Hitachi is effectively utilizing group resources to strengthen and expand this business. As part of this approach, in October 2004, Hitachi merged with TOKICO LTD. and Hitachi Unisia Automotive, Ltd. Hitachi is determined to aggressively develop the automotive systems business, becoming more competitive in global markets and achieving other goals by leveraging the strong technologies, products and operating bases of Hitachi Group companies.

Hitachi Mobile boasts a nationwide sales and service network in Japan and engineering service capabilities in the maintenance and aftermarket fields for automotive equipment, including electrical components. It has played a vital role in Hitachi automotive systems business. However, competition in this market sector is rapidly intensifying. Consequently, there is an increasing need to handle a broader array of products in line with Hitachi’s automotive systems business strategy as well as to work more closely with Hitachi units involved in the development and manufacture of replacement parts, including rebuilt components.

To meet this need, the Hitachi Group must conduct its operations even more efficiently with the aim of responding faster to needs involving customers and technologies. The decision to make Hitachi Mobile a wholly-owned subsidiary reflects Hitachi’s belief that the integration of the two companies operations is essential to accomplishing this goal.

Since developing its first automotive electrical components in 1930, Hitachi has grown its automotive systems business to the point where today it sets out in the business for engine management systems, electric powertrain systems, drive control systems and car information systems in global markets. Moreover, Hitachi is leveraging its considerable experience, expertise and proven track record in the industrial components and equipment, railway vehicle and other businesses to expand globally. Activities include supplying key components for hybrid electric vehicles, including motors, inverters and batteries, a market segment where much demand is expected.

Hitachi Mobile was established in 1950 as a specialist in car repair and the sales of automotive equipments. Today, underpinned by an extensive nationwide sales and service network in Japan and engineering service capabilities, Hitachi Mobile is engaged in the sales and maintenance of automotive and mobile communication equipment. In June 2002, the company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and has continued to steadily expand its business.

Hitachi and Hitachi Mobile have grown together in the automotive systems business by building various collaborative relationships for the provision of total solutions extending from development and manufacturing to maintenance and other aftermarket services. However, with the aim of making the growing automotive business more competitive through improvements in speed and efficiency, Hitachi and Hitachi Mobile determined to make Hitachi Mobile a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hitachi.

This move will make possible an integrated value chain linking Hitachi’s automotive systems business with the aftermarket operations of Hitachi Mobile, which include the sale of replacement parts to automakers and others and the provision of maintenance services. Moreover, the vertical integration of the operations of Hitachi and Hitachi Mobile will create a unified framework extending from development and manufacturing activities to engineering services. By facilitating quicker responses to customer and technological needs, this integration will position Hitachi to be the best solutions partner in the increasingly competitive automobile market.

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