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Ticalium receives great interest from the automotive industry

Ticalium, a New Aluminum and Titanium Metal Matrix Composite with Substantially Lower Cost; Strong as Carbon Steel, Competitively Priced Ticalium is One-Third the Weight

Adal Group, Inc., a leading producer of value added aluminum extrusions and related architectural and proprietary products, has announced recent developments in the marketing of Ticalium – the advanced aluminum and titanium carbide metal matrix composite (MMC) that is strong, highly wear-resistant and light weight.

Adal Group is now in discussions about partnerships, joint-ventures and licensing agreements for Ticalium with multiple well-known global manufacturers, representing key targeted industries, including aerospace, automotive, recreational and construction, among others.

‘The attraction of Ticalium lies as much in its low production cost as in its outstanding physical properties,’ Nicholas A. Shrager, chairman and CEO of Adal Group said. ‘The response since our patent announcement in September has been tremendous. We have much more interest than we even expected – and we expected a lot.

‘The market for MMCs was predicted to be about 5,000,000 kilograms last year. Industry observers believe the primary impediment to an explosion in the use of these incredible materials is their high price. We believe with Ticalium’s low cost and exceptional properties we can revolutionize this market.’

‘Ticalium is a real alternative to aluminum, steel, cast iron, and titanium, for both specialist and general purpose applications, at a very competitive price. It’s the metal of the 22nd century.’

Ticalium is a high strength aluminum and titanium carbide metal matrix composite (MMC) that is highly wear-resistant and lightweight. Among its many attributes it is corrosion-resistant and easily recycled, with high end-of-life value. It is manufactured and finished like regular aluminum, but is very affordable as a result of its newly patented cost-effective production process.

Ticalium was developed under a multi-year R&D project with the specific aim of developing a cost-effective MMC production method. Because of their properties, MMCs would make ideal substitutes for heavier metals, but historically were too highly priced due to their high production cost. For example, one of the biggest potential markets for MMCs is expected to be in replacing cast iron brake discs, as they can match cast iron’s wear resistance at a much lighter weight, bringing impressive performance and energy benefits. However, until now MMCs have been too expensive to use in this kind of application. Adal Group has filed patent applications for Ticalium’s revolutionary low cost production process.

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Wed. June 19th, 2024

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