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EWI Selected to Work on Joining Technology for Millennium Cell Fuel Cartridge Development Program

EWI today announced it has signed a contract with Millennium Cell for a 15-month project to improve the manufacturing process for Millennium Cell’s Hydrogen on Demand(R) fuel cartridges. The work is being funded under a National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS)/US Department of Energy program with the objective of improving the manufacturability of hydrogen storage technologies.

Millennium Cell is leading a team comprised of The Dow Chemical Company, EWI, and NextEnergy which will focus on developing critical manufacturing technologies that will reduce the overall process and product costs of hydrogen storage technology for near-term implementation in portable power applications. Under the agreement, EWI is tasked with the development of joining technologies for key fuel storage vessels within the fuel cartridges.

“We are excited to collaborate with a team of world-class companies to help move the hydrogen economy one step closer to reality. This award is validation that manufacturability, particularly materials joining, is an enabling technology for cost reduction in both fuel cells and hydrogen storage,” said Stan Ream, Fuel Cell Technology Leader at EWI.

Adam P. Briggs, President of Millennium Cell, commented, “The team of companies working together on this program is extremely diverse, each with their own talents and abilities. We look forward to leveraging EWI’s experience and competency in joining technologies as part of this effort to advance our fuel cartridges from prototype stage to easy-to-manufacture products.”

About EWI

Based in Columbus, Ohio, EWI is North America’s leading engineering and technology organization dedicated to welding and materials joining. EWI’s staff provides materials joining assistance, contract research, consulting services and training to over 3,300 member company locations representing world-class leaders in the aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, government, heavy manufacturing, medical and electronics industries. For more information, please visit

About Millennium Cell

Millennium Cell develops Hydrogen Battery technology through a patented chemical process that safely stores and delivers hydrogen energy to power portable devices. The borohydride-based technology can be scaled to fit any application requiring high energy density for a long run time in a compact space. The Company is working with market partners to meet demand for its patented process in four areas: military, medical, industrial, and consumer electronics. For more information, please visit

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Thu. May 30th, 2024

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