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City of Barstow Takes the Lead on Alternative Fuels

City Signs Memorandum of Understanding With Ultra-Clean Fuel Provider Hythane

Setting an example for other municipalities to follow, the City of Barstow, California has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Hythane Company, LLC stating its intention to explore the use of Hythane(R) (a fuel blend consisting of 20% hydrogen and 80% natural gas) as a vehicle fuel for the city’s fleet. Vehicles using Hythane(R) fuel enjoy even greater reduction of emissions than their already low-emission natural gas counterparts.

“With our signed Memorandum of Understanding with the Hythane Company, the City of Barstow has propelled itself into the fast lane of the Hydrogen Highway,” said Barstow Mayor Lawrence Dale. “With more than 60 million travelers per year driving through our city, we are proud to be an early adapter of this technology that provides a clean energy resource. These new technologies provided by businesses such as the Hythane Company will result in a better future for us all,” added Dale.

Barstow is located within the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District (MDAQMD), which has a regional plan to encourage all high desert cities to move forward with alternative fuel projects. Jeanette Hayhurst, who is leading the project for the City of Barstow, credits the MDAQMD for their recent success with alternative fuel projects. Commenting on the city’s adoption of alternative fuels, Hayhurst remarked, “We think it is good for the environment and it is a good move for the economy. We want to be a leader in preserving the excellent balance between environment and economics.”

In 1999, the MDAQMD started the ball rolling by providing the initial funding for Barstow’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied to compressed natural gas (LCNG) station. “The City of Barstow is going above and beyond,” said Violette Roberts, spokesperson for the MDAQMD. “We helped fund a natural gas station and they are taking it a step further to a cleaner fuel (Hythane(R)). They have gone the extra step by paving the way to bring this ultra-clean 80/20 fuel to the region. We encourage other cities in the region to follow their lead.”

The proposed Hythane(R) System will convert the existing natural gas fueling station in Barstow into an “Energy Station” offering three types of clean fuel (natural gas, hydrogen and Hythane(R)) and integrate Hythane(R) into the existing natural gas vehicle fleet. “Hythane(R) is a tried and true technology for today that bridges us into the future,” commented Roger Marmaro, Hythane Company President and co-founder. Due to fuel costs and lack of infrastructure, it is currently not feasible to deploy pure hydrogen technology. However, the creators of Hythane(R) technology believe that their fuel is an integral step toward the goal of increasing the use of hydrogen as a vehicle fuel. “We are building a transitional infrastructure,” said Marmaro. “Hythane(R) offers an attractive alternative and the best part is that it is ready today.”

The Hythane Company plans to continue the deployment of the system with projects currently underway in Colorado, Arizona, Georgia, Florida, New Mexico, New York, New

Headquartered in Colorado, the Hythane Company, LLC, is working to bridge the gap between conventional fossil fuels and the clean future of a hydrogen economy. Vehicles that operate on Hythane(R), a blend of 20% hydrogen and 80% natural gas, produce significantly lower emissions than those operating on diesel or natural gas. The company intends to deploy the Hythane(R) System, which completely integrates Hythane(R) technology into existing natural gas fueling stations and vehicles, in cities throughout the world. Hythane(R) can be used in all forms of vehicles and is especially suited for commuter buses, school buses, refuse trucks, and delivery trucks.

Hythane(R) is a patented fuel and the trademark is the property of Brehon Energy. The Hythane Company, LLC is grouped globally with two leading energy companies, Ireland-based Brehon Energy and Australian-based Eden Energy. Additional information about Hythane(R) is available at

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Tue. July 23rd, 2024

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