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Emitec’s Innovative Oxidation Catalysts Perform Better Even at Lower Volumes

Emitec, Inc. has combined two metal foils with different turbulent flow profiles in order to produce an oxidation catalyst that increases efficiency, reduces overall installation size and saves cost.

The new diesel oxidation catalyst contains flat layers made from perforated foil (PE) and corrugated layers made from foil with a longitudinal structure (LS). The LS primarily improves the mass transfer, which is particularly important for the lower carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbon (HC) emission levels of diesel engines. The PE foil facilitates the exchange between the individual channels, increasing efficiency.

Tests with modern four- and six-cylinder diesel engines have shown that Emitec’s new oxidation catalyst with a 30 percent reduced volume performs as well or better than compared to a conventional oxidation catalyst at treating emissions. The new turbulent oxidation catalyst is much more efficient due to the smaller catalyst volume. Also, the reduced need for precious metals makes this oxidation catalyst system much less expensive than conventional models.

“Oxidation catalysts lower CO and HC emissions of diesel engines and support the functions of PM filter catalysts,” said Mike Kerby, president of Emitec, Inc. “Ideally oxidation catalysts should be coupled as closely as possible to the engine, it is important to achieve a high performance to volume ratio.”

About Emitec

Emitec GmbH is the leading designer and manufacturer of metallic substrates METALIT(R) and diesel PM METALIT(R) for exhaust gas aftertreatment and evaporative emissions. Its METALIT(R) products are used by nearly every major automaker worldwide. Founded in 1986, Emitec is headquartered in Lohmar, Germany and currently holds more than 1,600 international patents. The company’s North American operations, Emitec Inc., are headquartered in Auburn Hills, Mich. Manufacturing facilities are located in Fountain Inn, S.C. as well as Lohmar and Eisenach, Germany, and Pune, India. Research and development centers are located in Lohmar and Eisenach, Germany.

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Sat. July 20th, 2024

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