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Nexsan Speeds Storage Operations for Honda Racing F1 Team

SATABeast Serves as the Storage Engine of the Honda Racing F1 Team Operations Centre

Nexsan Technologies, the leader in innovative and secure storage solutions, today announced that its SATABeast has been selected by the Honda Racing F1 Team as the storage solution of choice for factory applications at the heart of the company’s Formula One racing efforts.

Honda enjoys a long and distinguished track record in international motor sports. Since racing to its first Grand Prix victory in 1965, Honda has amassed 71 Grand Prix victories and captured no fewer than 11 FIA Formula One World Championship titles — six Constructors’ and five Drivers’ crowns. Throughout this time Honda has remained committed to using its facilities as the ultimate proving ground for breakthrough technologies.

Installed at the Operations Centre in Brackley, England, the Honda Racing F1 Team is using the SATABeast as the storage application for a number of data-intensive applications including CAD/CAM designs, telemetric information, wind tunnel analysis, racing simulations, environmental data management, image and video libraries, and office management applications such as Word, Excel and email.

Each of the Honda Racing F1 Team’s Windows Servers is allotted a provisioned portion of the total 2TB of storage, which enables the team to expand back-end storage on an ongoing basis without impacting users, applications or servers themselves.

David France, IT Director for the Honda F1 Racing Team said: “In the world of Formula One, success is as much about having the best in the back room as it is about being the best in the driving seat. It follows that our storage must also be the best. The SATABeast plays a mighty role in storing our valuable data in such a high-pressure environment.”

“The competition to win a Formula One race is extremely fierce and begins long before the lights go out at the start of a race,” said Brendan Kinkade, Vice President of Marketing at Nexsan. “With the massive amounts of data created in the design and testing process, videos and images that aid in race analysis and information transmitted from the myriad devices built into each car, the Honda Racing F1 Team needed a solution that would provide plenty of storage capacity, high availability and non-disruptive performance. Nexsan’s SATABeast is able to provide plenty of speed and muscle that the Honda Racing F1 Team required.”

Working with channel partner NCE Computer Group on the deployment of the SATABeast, Nexsan has to date provided the Honda F1 Racing Team with 14TB of raw disk storage capacity, in the form of 28 500GB SATA drives, integrated into the Nexsan SATABeast architecture. The team plans to implement two more SATABeasts in the near future to meet the needs of its racing efforts for the coming seasons.

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Thu. July 18th, 2024

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