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Amerityres CEO to Discuss Advantages of Manufacturing Polyurethane Tires with Tire Industry Professionals

Richard Steinke, Chief Executive Officer of Amerityre Corporation addresses attendees at The 22nd Annual Tire Industry Conference held in Hilton Head, South Carolina today. Mr. Steinke will be discussing the advancements Amerityre has made in the development of technology to produce automobile tires from polyurethane elastomer instead of rubber.

In his remarks, Mr. Steinke will stress that Amerityre’s patented and proprietary technologies, including key manufacturing processes, add up to the right recipe for making ‘The Optimal Tire.’ Mr. Steinke commented, “Our technologies create a ‘win-win-win’ solution — for tire manufacturers, for consumers, and for the environment.”

Some of the potential manufacturing advantages include a simplified “liquid phase” fabrication process that substantially reduces manufacturing steps, manufacturing equipment requirements and energy use. Among potential benefits for consumers are increased fuel economy and tire performance. These result from the use of Amerityre’s proprietary polyurethane elastomer, trademarked Elastothaneâ„¢, a synthetic polymer made from readily available chemicals. Independent testing has shown that Amerityre’s polyurethane elastomer tires have better abrasion resistance and run at lower temperatures than rubber tires. Also, unlike rubber tires, polyurethane elastomer tires do not deteriorate from ozone and ultraviolet light exposure. Among other environmental advantages, tires made from Amerityre’s polyurethane elastomer compound can be disposed of in municipal landfills with no adverse impact on the environment.

Finally, an overriding safety advantage inherent in Amerityre’s “liquid phase” manufacturing process is the monolithic construction of the tire. During the manufacturing process, as the liquid polyurethane material enters the mold, air is pulled out of the mold, reducing entrapped air bubbles within the matrix of the material. The liquid material flows through and around the tire’s reinforcement materials (i.e., beads, belts and plies) before the liquid becomes solid, thus reducing the risk of tire tread separation or blow-outs.

The Twenty Second Annual Tire Industry Conference is a presentation of Clemson University for the domestic and international tire industry, suppliers, and allied industries.

Amerityre is actively engaged in the development of revolutionary new tire technologies. Amerityre’s technologies are currently focused on four tire segments: 1) non-pneumatic temporary or “spare” tires; 2) passenger car and special trailer tires with “run-flat” capabilities; 3) solid industrial tires; and 4) retreads for medium commercial truck, industrial, and mining tires. Amerityre plans to license its proprietary innovations in tire composition, design and manufacturing to major tire manufacturers.

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Fri. June 14th, 2024

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