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IMS Introduces “World’s First Hands-and-Eyes Free Email Solution for In-Vehicle Use”

iLane(TM) Combines Data Connectivity and Driver Safety

IMS Introduces “World’s First Hands-and-Eyes Free Email Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc. (IMS), a world leader in telematics and automotive safety devices, announces the latest addition to its telematics line: iLane(TM), the “world’s first hands-free and eyes-free email solution for in-vehicle use.”

Based on patent-pending technology, iLane(TM) provides drivers with a safe and convenient voice-based interface to fully access their email messages while in transit. iLane(TM) automatically notifies the driver of incoming emails and other important information by reading a brief summary in a natural sounding voice, in the driver’s language of choice. The driver can then listen to the entire email message; forward or compose a response; and manage meeting requests using verbal instructions. Phone calls, SMS messages, and a number of email attachment types can also be managed using this intelligent hands-free and eyes-free interface.

Intelligent information management allows email messages to be filtered and prioritized based on personal preferences and notification settings. Communications not requiring an immediate response can be automatically managed with a preset user preference. This ensures the driver can manage time-critical information in transit, while safely keeping their eyes on the road, and their hands on the steering wheel.

iLane(TM) consists of a powerful and small device that interacts directly with existing Bluetooth(R)-enabled handheld devices and vehicle audio systems or headsets to read messages out loud and to listen to driver instructions. The presence of the driver is automatically detected by iLane(TM), which then assumes control to intelligently capture and manage inbound information as soon as it arrives on the driver’s wireless email device (e.g., BlackBerry(R)). The driver does not need to remember to do anything differently to start taking advantage of benefits provided by iLane(TM).

Instead of a marginally useful ring or vibration, iLane(TM) provides drivers with a content-rich, voice notification, including essential information about the incoming email or phone call.

“iLane(TM) is the first and only solution to provide users with complete mobile data connectivity in a manner that focuses on driver safety”, says Dr. Otman Basir, President and CEO of IMS. “In this regard, iLane(TM) is truly a ‘world first’ and we are extremely excited to offer this innovative solution to mobile professionals.”

iLane(TM) operates independently of the wireless networks used by supported wireless devices, and has been tested with a number of industry leading wireless email devices, including the BlackBerry(R) and Palm(R) Treo(R). IMS is already in discussions with several automotive OEMs and international network carriers to offer iLane(TM) to their customers.

About IMS

IMS specializes in the creation, development and marketing of leading edge proprietary technology that blends mechanical engineering, electronic control and information systems into technologically advanced products. IMS has three divisions: Safety Devices for use in automotive applications; Telematics which include iPAID(TM) for use in Usage Based Insurance applications and DriveSync(TM) GPS for use in personal and fleet Vehicle Tracking; and Automedia, delivering consumer products into the automotive aftermarket. IMS is based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. For more information on iLane(TM), please visit

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Sun. May 26th, 2024

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