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Johnson Controls to Support Standardized Electrical-Electronic System Architectures

Johnson Controls, one of the world’s leading suppliers of automotive
interior systems, interior electronics and batteries, recently became a
premium member of AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture). The
organization is based on partnerships between major automakers and suppliers
who are working to create an open industry standard for automotive EE
(electrical-electronic) architectures. Johnson Controls has been part of the
AUTOSAR development partnership since 2004 and has now upgraded its
membership to premium member status.

Definition of software standards

The desire for more comfort and safety in cars accelerated the changeover
from purely mechanical to mechatronic systems. As a result, the role of
electronics in automotive interiors is steadily increasing – and with it the
variety and complexity of electronic systems and their interconnectivity.
Reliable interaction of electronic systems can be achieved by standardizing
the EE-system architecture for all automakers. This is what motivated major
automakers to found AUTOSAR in May 2003. Its core members today include BMW,
Bosch, Continental, DaimlerChrysler, the Ford Motor Company, Opel, PSA
Peugeot Citroën, Siemens VDO, the Toyota Motor Corporation, Volkswagen and
various automotive suppliers at premium member level.

Johnson Controls has now upgraded its membership from associate to
premium member status in order to actively contribute to the definition of
AUTOSAR software standards as a voting member. Relevant areas within the
vehicle are the vehicle electrical system, drive systems, chassis, comfort
functions, safety systems, multi-media/telematics systems and the
human-machine interface. The aim is to jointly define and establish a
standardized software component specification by the last quarter of 2006.
The process will take into account the interdependencies that result from a
networked environment. This will involve standardizing underlying system
functions, defining the integration of modules from different manufacturers
with their interfaces and will include the maintenance of electronic parts
and upgrades of software during the whole production cycle.

“By cooperating in three working groups, we are reinforcing our
commitment to AUTOSAR and supporting the partnership with our extensive
knowledge of software architectures”, explained Michael Schmaul, Engineering
Manager at Johnson Controls.

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Mon. July 22nd, 2024

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