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Renault Integrates Sensics Panoramic HMD into ULTIMATE Driving Simulator

Sensics, the panoramic virtual reality display company, announced recently that its piSight 150 panoramic head-mounted display will be integrated into Renault’s ULTIMATE driving simulator, and that the joint solution will be demonstrated in the upcoming Driving Simulation Conference in Paris, France.

The Renault ULTIMATE simulator is the world’s first fully realistic road vehicle driving simulator for industrial use. The compact and lightweight mechanical structure consists of a generic car cockpit, a panoramic display, and driver-access systems, mounted on a novel extended motion system that enables full simulation of acceleration – such as violent changes of direction. The simulator – the only such simulator in Europe and the first worldwide to be available for industrial use – already offers 15 databases corresponding to different journeys, including car manufacturers’ own test tracks.

“We needed a high performance head mounted display system in order to fully utilize the simulator’s potential in the study of improving vehicle and road safety thanks to the enhanced visibility conditions offered by new vehicle architecture solutions,” says Dr Andras Kemeny, head of the Renault Technical Centre for Simulation and Renault’s expert in driving simulation and virtual reality. “We found such a system in the Sensics HMD, providing a combination of wide field of view and high resolution that we have never seen before in head-mounted displays.”

“We are delighted that Renault’s strong and experienced automotive VR group has chosen to integrate Sensics with their products,” says Yuval Boger, Chief Executive Officer of Sensics. “Coupled with the right software and hardware, our products deliver an unprecedented degree of immersion and realism, making them ideal for demanding training and simulation applications.”

The joint solution will be demonstrated on Oct 6th as part of the 2006 “Driving Simulation Conference Europe,” co-organized by INRETS, Renault and LPCMV. Additional information about the conference can be found at

Sensics, Inc., is the panoramic virtual reality display company. Based on patented technology developed over nearly a decade of research, Sensics delivers lightweight panoramic head-mounted displays that combine ultra-wide field of view and high resolution, thus enabling a new generation of virtual prototyping, training, visualization and remote presence applications. Sensics is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. For additional information, visit

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