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Yazaki Commercial Truck Exhibit Showcases Innovation

Yazaki’s high voltage (HV) technology display consists of high-voltage under-floor, motor and generator cables. These products feature integrated shielding from electromagnetic interference (EMI), durability in environments with high voltage and high currents and automated cable termination and connector assembly methods that allow for optimized vehicle assembly. Yazaki has an 11-year history in hybrid and HV technology, having been in the market since its inception.

The rapid growth of digital communications and infotainment systems is driving new requirements for the vehicle. Yazaki’s Universal Serial Bus (USB) connector is a plug-and-play standard interface between infotainment devices and add-on devices; FAKRA Connection Systems provides high frequency RF applications including SDARS, GPS, Bluetooth, Mobile TV, Cell phones, Vehicular Internet Connections, and Remote Vehicle Diagnostics.

The instrumentation display area illustrates Yazaki’s ability to provide differentiation and value without increasing cost. The booth contains displays from multiple OEMs. Also featured is Yazaki’s Heads-Up Display (HUD) technology. HUD is designed to project driving-related data such as speed, navigation and warnings in the form of images onto a vehicle’s windshield. The images are projected within the driver’s normal field of vision so it is no longer necessary for drivers to divert their eyes from the road to view critical information. Safety and convenience are the top driver advantages of this technology. HUD architecture is very flexible and can display whatever the customer requires including the output of a night vision sensor. The demo in Yazaki’s booth displays a night vision image.

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Sat. July 13th, 2024

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