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Corsa Receives Top Eastern and Central European Automotive Award

After winning one of the most important European automotive awards, AUTOBEST 2007, the Corsa was the star of the show yesterday in Budapest, with Opel Managing Director Hans Demant present to accept the trophy at the exclusive ceremony. The choice of AUTOBEST 2007 was decided by a jury of 13 leading automotive journalists from Eastern and Central Europe. The new model came first ahead of the Fiat Grande Punto and Peugeot 207. “We are especially pleased that the Corsa has also been so well received in these growth markets,” said Hans Demant. And it is not just automotive experts who hold the bold and daring small car, which went on sale last October, in high esteem. With around 115,000 registrations throughout Europe by the end of January, European buyers have also shown their appreciation for the new Corsa, propelling it into third place in the overall car sales list for January 2007.

The new Corsa’s reputation as “Everybody’s darling” was confirmed over the last weeks with more than a dozen awards from all across Europe. In Denmark, the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia, the Corsa was named “Car of the Year” by automotive journalists and other car experts. In Switzerland, Norway and Germany, it was awarded the title of “Best Small Car”, as well as “Top Car 2007” by 140 German-speaking
automotive journalists.

The jury took 13 criteria into consideration when selecting the AUTOBEST car winner. Each category is worth a specific number of points depending on its importance. With 60 out of a total of 240 points, value for money is the most important criterion. Other key issues, such as consumption, cargo capacity, distribution network, as well as service and spare parts availability are worth 20 points each. Design is worth a maximum of 30 points, and other criteria such as new technology, handling, dynamics and environmental compatibility are also considered.

The international AUTOBEST jury represents almost all the important growth markets in Europe. This year’s AUTOBEST jury included members from 13 countries, covering a potential market of more than 250 million people. AUTOBEST is the second-largest independent motoring jury in Europe.

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