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Selective laser sintering (SLS) material that is well suited for rapid digital manufacturing applica

Harvest Technologies Inc., a leading provider of rapid prototyping and manufacturing services, has announced the addition of DuraForm EX to its SLS rapid prototyping and manufacturing material offerings. DuraForm EX is yet another selective laser sintering (SLS) material that is well suited for rapid digital manufacturing applications, as well as rapid prototyping.

SLS DuraForm EX is an easy-to-process, tough and impact resistant plastic that offers mechanical properties similar to injection molded ABS and polypropylene plastics. This material is ideal for producing functional prototypes — especially with snap fit assemblies or living hinges — as well as end-use production parts and assemblies without the need for creating costly tooling. DuraForm EX serves a wide variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, motor sports and consumer products in applications such as air ducts, automobile consoles and dashboards, and electronics enclosures.

“DuraForm EX is an excellent addition to Harvest’s current SLS rapid manufacturing capabilities. This new material system offers a good balance of mechanical properties that center between injection molded ABS and polypropylene, while providing remarkable toughness and durability,” said Ron Clemons, Director of Business Development at Harvest Technologies. “DuraForm EX is another great tool in Harvest’s digital manufacturing toolbox and its addition keeps Harvest Technologies out in front as a producer of high-end functional parts and assemblies.” Greg Reynolds, Production Engineer at Harvest Technologies added, “The user-friendly processing parameters and high rate of recyclability of DuraForm EX will enable Harvest Technologies to maintain a consistently high level of product quality and minimize operational issues.”

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Tue. July 23rd, 2024

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