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Amerityre Completes Validation of Largest Polyurethane Pour Machine

Amerityre Corporation a leading developer of polyurethane elastomer tire technologies, today announced that it has completed validation trials in the U.K. of the 2500-pound-per-minute polyurethane pour machine commissioned for its Chinese licensee Qingdao Qizhou Rubber Co. Ltd (Qingdao). The polyurethane pour machine will be used by Qingdao in the production of large OTR retread tires at its production facility in Shandong Province, China.

Amerityre commissioned polyurethane equipment supplier Cannon to fabricate the machine. Cannon, a well known supplier of technologically advanced polyurethane equipment, appointed its CMT Equipment Ltd. Division, located in South Yorkshire, U.K. to design and fabricate the machine. The trials last week demonstrated the machine’s ability to mix and deliver up to 2500 pounds of polyurethane per minute, making it the largest known polyurethane pour machine in the world. It is currently being shipped to Shandong Province in China, where Qingdao will use the machine to pour polyurethane retread material onto large rubber mining and industrial tires.

“We are pleased to support Qingdao Qizhou in its industry-leading polyurethane retreading initiative, and offer thanks to Cannon for its assistance and expertise. We welcome the milestone represented by shipment of this impressive machine,” commented Dr. Gary N. Benninger, Amerityre’s newly appointed President.

Amerityre is actively engaged in the development of revolutionary new polyurethane elastomer tire technologies. Amerityre is commercializing its technologies through licensing agreements with strategic partners, co-development projects and the sale of equipment and its proprietary chemical formulations.

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Tue. July 23rd, 2024

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