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Nanostellar Scientist to Present Advanced Oxidation Catalysts at Leading Conference on Diesel Emissi

Automotive Manufacturers' Growing Clean-Diesel Vehicle Pipeline Fuels

Nanostellar Scientist to Present Advanced Oxidation Catalysts at Leading Conference on Diesel Emissions Research

Automotive Manufacturers’ Growing Clean-Diesel Vehicle Pipeline Fuels

Heightened Interest in More Efficient and Cost-Effective Catalyst Materials

Topic: Media, industry analysts and others are invited to hear Kyle
Fujdala, Ph.D., Direct of Product Research and Development for
Nanostellar, address the topic “Rational Catalyst Design Applied to
Development of Advanced Oxidation Catalysts for Diesel Emissions Control,”
at the 13th Diesel Engine-Efficiency and Emissions Research (DEER)
Conference in Detroit.

Dr. Fujdala will describe the use of a Rational Catalyst Design process
that tightly integrates both experimental and computational components to
promote the efficient development of improved oxidation catalysts for
treating diesel emissions. Given the challenges presented by advanced
diesel combustion systems with higher carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon
emissions and lower exhaust temperatures, Dr. Fujdala will explain the
need for a new approach in the industry and present a case study
validating the rational design methodology.

When and Where: The DEER Conference takes place August 13-16, 2007, at
the Marriott Renaissance Center Hotel in Detroit. Dr. Fujdala will address
attendees on August 15, 2007 at 10:50 AM ET.

Conference Details: For more than a decade, the DEER Conference has been
the U.S. Department of Energy’s primary mechanism for the public exchange
of state-of-the-art clean diesel research and development (R&D). DEER
fosters the exchange of information and best practices from new and
ongoing diesel R&D.

Biography of Kyle Fujdala, Nanostellar

Kyle Fujdala is Director of Product Research and Development at Nanostellar. Dr. Fujdala has led research teams for start-up companies developing products utilizing different aspects of nanotechnology. He has co-authored 16 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals, two book chapters, and several patents and patent applications. Dr. Fujdala received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley and has extensive experience in nanocomposite material synthesis and heterogeneous catalysis.

Nanostellar, Inc. provides diesel automotive and stationary power industries with nano-engineered catalyst materials that reduce exhaust emissions and increase the effectiveness of precious metals in catalysts. Focusing on the fields of quantum computational nanoscience, chemistry, materials science, and chemical engineering, Nanostellar utilizes Rational Catalyst Design, which combines computational approaches with targeted experiments, to accelerate the development of new materials. Nanostellar’s NS Gold(TM), the first advanced catalyst to use gold in combination with other precious metals to promote emissions reduction, was named as one of the most innovative products by R&D Magazine and Micro/Nano Newsletter in July 2007. Headquartered in Redwood City, California, Nanostellar is funded by premier investors including 3i, Khosla Ventures, Monitor Ventures, Firelake Capital Management LLC, and AsiaTech Management. For more information, visit

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