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A growth in the importance of branding in Europe while OE credentials are more important in NAM

Automotive Industries interview with Jay Burkhart, Federal Mogul's Senior Vice President, Global Aftermarket and Mauro Parisi, Federal-Mogul's vice-president, Aftermarket Products and Services, Europe, Middle East and Africa

The USD 6.3 billion Federal-Mogul, has an extensive and diversified product portfolio that includes vehicular parts, components, modules and systems to customers in the automotive, small-engine, heavy-duty and industrial markets. It operates in five segments – powertrain, sealing systems and systems protection, friction, aftermarket and other. Federal-Mogul offers its customers an array of products for original equipment (OE) and parts replacement (aftermarket) applications, including engine bearings, pistons, piston pins, rings, cylinder liners, valve train and transmission products, connecting rods, sealing systems, element resistant systems protection sleeving products, electrical connectors and sockets, disc pads and brake shoes and ignition, lighting, fuel, wiper and chassis products.

The Southfield, Michigan-based group has an aftermarket network that spans the globe across the US, Europe and Asia. It is a recognized leader in powertrain components for passenger and commercial vehicles – both petrol and diesel versions. Some of the company’s powertrain products sell under the following brands – Sealed Power®, AE®, Glyco®, Goetze®, Nüral®, FP Diesel®, Payen®, Carter® and Speed-Pro®.

Similarly, the company is known for its service products, distributed under the centenary brand Champion®, brake products, leading globally thanks to Ferodo, Wagner, Abex or Beral, but equally steering products under the brand Moog®.

Automotive Industries interview with Jay Burkhart, Federal Mogul’s Senior Vice President, Global Aftermarket and Mauro Parisi, Federal-Mogul’s vice-president, Aftermarket Products and Services, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

AI: Can you comment on changes you see in the global aftermarket?

JB: We expect the large, established markets in Western Europe and North America to continue to evolve and change. Interestingly, we see a growth in the importance of branding in Europe while OE credentials are becoming more important in the North American aftermarket. In this way, these two markets are looking much more like each other. In the emerging markets, like China, India and Eastern Europe, the rapidly growing vehicle population will continue to drive and shape the aftermarket there.

There is also an evolution occurring in the different product levels required to serve our customers. Value-added technologies are needed to satisfy the more discerning tastes of vehicle owners and to help maintain the profitability and competitiveness of automotive service providers and parts resellers. At the other end, many customers just need basic, affordable technology to keep their vehicles in service.

AI: What is the key role F-M will play within the global aftermarket and what is F-M’s innovation power?

JB: To meet these evolving market requirements, Federal-Mogul has a global manufacturing footprint with globally-tied technical centers. Our advantage is having insight into the markets where we’ve seen the trends take shape over time. We can help manage the transitioning markets and play a major role in their evolution while continuing to provide the added-value requirements of the more mature markets.

AI : How is F-M’s organization able to answer to the aftermarket evolution?

JB: Certain core business processes need to be “globalized.” Most makes and models are now available in many geographic markets. Many of the aftermarket products sold in one market are not necessarily designed or made in that market. As a result, product management, product planning and engineering are now global functions. At the same time, an intense local customer focus is very important to us. Having people on the ground in each major country with local knowledge and attention to issues are more important than ever in order to best serve our customers’ needs.

AI: Please tell us a little about the launch in EMEA of Ferodo TQ and how these are the first pads created to answer a specific market’s need

MP: Ferodo TQ launch in EMEA is the result of an extensive market research carried out in the last couple of years. Such exercise identified 3 main types of drivers and installers, the ones who wants an OE type product, the ones more keen to look for a value for money solution, and a third category specifically conscious to noise related issues. For the first two categories of Customer, Ferodo already offers excellent solutions, Premier and SL respectively. For the third typology of Customer, and to complete its brake pad offer, Ferodo has developed TQ, which combines excellent stopping power, enhanced anti-noise features and outstanding product life

AI: What is the significance of your new Ferodo brake solutions? How innovative is the IMI â„¢?

MP: The IMI represents a real break through within the noise damping technology. Unlike the standard anti-noise shims which are bonded to the backing plate, the IMI shim flows through the plate holes to form an anti-noise layer on the back of the pad. Thanks to this one-piece design, vibrations and heat are spread over a greater surface area for an enhanced anti noise property. Also, the one-piece design eliminates the risk of bonded shim movement so ensuring a consistent noise dampening performance throughout the entire operating life of the pad

AI: In your mind, what are the other really innovative products your company offers the aftermarket industry?

MP: Federal-Mogul has an history of innovation, on braking products – most recent example prior IMI was the Cast Iron Backplate technology for Heavy Duty pads – but not only.

Equipauto allows Federal Mogul to introduce again break through innovations to the aftermarket. In brakes with Ferodo TQ as already mentioned but also on other product line such as gasket with the LEM technology, the LEM – Liquid Elastomer Molding-
Is a Patented FM technology providing an optimum seal on parts with far rougher mating faces than rubber coated steel or fibre can cope with.

In the case wipers, of course Champion is one of the most well recognized brands around and it’s fitting that in this year – our centenary – we can clearly demonstrate our ingenuity and engineering abilities by launching our patented “master connector” system for the latest technology flat wiper blades. This system enables our OE quality flat blades to be fitted a variety of proprietary wiper arms which in turn provides our customers with a full range covering the latest applications. In addition our new Champion “Contact” retrofit flat blade range provides drivers of vehicles equipped with conventional wiper blades to “trade up” to the latest flat blade technology

Federal-Mogul engineering expertise plays a key role across all product lines, with the ultimate objective to bring to market innovative solutions and differentiated offer to suit any Customer need

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