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Electro Energy Presents at Lithium Mobile Power 2007 Conference, San Diego

Electro Energy a leading provider of advanced battery technologies and associated systems, announced today their participation in the 3rd Annual Lithium Mobile Power 2007 Conference in San Diego, California, organized by The Knowledge Foundation.

Michael Reed, President & CEO, addressed industry leaders in a presentation entitled “Advanced Lithium Ion Technology for PHEV & HEV Applications.” Electro Energy has successfully demonstrated its bipolar wafer-cell Ni-MH technology through a 220V, 30 Ah, 6 kWh battery system used in a HEV-to-PHEV conversion. A similar system is currently being developed utilizing EEI’s Li-Ion technology, which provides high energy capability, while minimizing wasted space and reducing weight and volume. EEI has recently fabricated and tested Li-Ion cells using new and innovative electrode materials. The presentation will be available on the company’s website

The Knowledge Foundation announced that more than 115 organizations from around the world participated in the 3rd Lithium Mobile Power conference held October 29-30th. Included among those organizations were the U.S. Army Research Laboratory; Motorola Embedded Systems Research Lab; Mitsubishi Chemical Group; and General Dynamics C4 Systems. According to Dr. Serge Pan, Vice President of Program Development at The Knowledge Foundation, “Recent significant innovations in lithium-ion batteries have propelled this technology to a position in the marketplace far exceeding market survey expectations. From a vast array of portable applications, to micro medical devices, to high-power automotive, these breakthroughs have paved the way for an emerging market with unlimited potential.”

Electro Energy Inc., headquartered in Danbury, Connecticut, was founded in 1992 to develop, manufacture and commercialize high-powered, rechargeable bipolar wafer cell nickel-metal hydride batteries for use in a wide range of applications. Its Colorado Springs operation supplies aerospace-grade high quality nickel cadmium batteries and components for satellites, aircraft and other specialty applications. EEI is also developing high power lithium rechargeable batteries utilizing the Company’s proprietary wafer cell design. EEI has recently acquired significant manufacturing assets near Gainesville, Fla., to accelerate commercialization of its battery technology. For further information, please visit

The Knowledge Foundation integrates scientific ingenuity and real-world applications by fostering collaborative research at the rapidly changing intersection of science and business. Known for providing its members with direct and unbiased state-of-the-art scientific information, The Knowledge Foundation is uniquely qualified to provide wider exposure for important developments in the emerging fields of alternative energy, nanotechnology, and chemical/biological detection technologies. For more information, please visit

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