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The 24th AMPA wrapped up April 12 with a stunning slate of records! This event, held in conjunction with the 3rd AUTOTRONICS, was jointly organized by TAITRA and TEEMA, and succeeded to hit all-time highs for scale and number of buyers. The number of exhibitors at AMPA increased by 13.6% upon last year’s event with a booth occupancy rate that grew by 30%.

Meanwhile, at AutoTronics Taipei— the partner show, exhibitors and booths also climbed 7.6% and 10.2%, respectively. The combined number of international buyers for the two shows together reached 5,161— a 22.47% growth from upon last year. Top 5 purchasing countries by number of buyers were Japan, the U.S., Malaysia, Korea, and Singapore. Business was so brisk at the show that exhibitors were kept scrambling to keep up with the orders.

The largest number of buyers, according to TAITRA statistics, were from Japan (18.81%). This included 971 buyers who came from Japan, followed by the U.S (10.39%), Malaysia (7.42%), Korea (5.81%) and Singapore (4.13).

The brand-new just opened NANGANG Exhibition Hall was a major contributor to the show success. For the first time manufacturers had access to ample booth, display, and meeting space. The design and products displayed at each booth by the exhibitors went well with the new exhibition hall to provide a more comfortable trade meeting environment. Buyers poured great praise upon the brand new facilities and services at the NANGANG Hall. The venue was further supported by carefully planned transportation facilities including several fleets of shuttle buses that served several routes, clear driving directions, and specially arranged parking arrangements to help visitors get in and out of NANGANG.


The dazzle of the LED headlight designed by Sonar Auto Parts for European cars attracted considerable attention from international buyers at the show. Meanwhile TYC Brother Industrial staged a full line of car lights. Scores of buyers signed contracts to purchase CNT-FED HUD from TECO Nanotech. It offers the clearest yet display, auto low-power illumination, and a wide view angle for head-up display.

H.P.B. Optoelectronics unveiled its Aqua Fuel Cell that can generate electricity by adding water. The special LCD displays developed by Nan Ya Plastics Corporation also caught the eyes of International buyers. Many buyers were delighted with the remote control air pressure shock absorber that doubles to adjust the height of cars. This handy breakthrough was developed and displayed by Fu Bu Auto Parts.


Most foreign buyers praised AMPA for offering a comprehensive product line that fulfills buyer needs for auto parts and accessories. It also brings together the vast and diverse output of both the Taiwan and Asian market to help these same buyers easily make all their choices under one roof.

* Mr. Jose Manuel Mosquera from Venezuela stated, “I’m sold on Taipei AMPA since feels Taiwanese suppliers make great partners. The show this year was much larger than last year and I certainly will be returning to Taiwan next year to place orders.”

* Mr. Janew Marvin from the U.S. said, “There were many excellent innovative products at the show and I’m looking forward to coming back again next year.”

* Mr. Erwin Uber, a first-time visitor to AMPA added, “I was very impressed by both the variety and quality of products. It was a really convenient to arrange the joint-showing of Taipei AMPA and AutoTronics Taipei.”

With them several buyers from the U.K., Chile, and India pointed out how Taiwan is using its resources to better position its ICT industry to develop quality optimal safety systems, navigation systems, entertainment systems, and tire pressure monitors.

250 Trade Meeting worth US$50 Million

With the show came 250 trade procurement meetings work US$50million. The trade meetings held in tandem with the show, attracted as many as 94 buyers from more than 20 countries.

These included tier-one manufacturers TRW and REMY International from the U.S., the U.K.’s No. 1 automobile and motorcycle chain store Halfords, No.1 automobile manufacturer TATA Motors and No. 3 automobile manufacturer Mahindra & Mahindra from India; the Italian auto parts & accessories heavyweight manufacturer Magneti Marelli, PSA from France (France and Asia Procurement Departments), U.S. Agco (U.K. Procurement Department), Valtre from Finland, Faurecia from France (France and Germany Procurement Departments), Canadian Magna (Asia Procurement Department), U.S. ArvinMeritor (Asia Procurement Department) and U.S. Chrysler (Asia Procurement Department). In addition there were a total of 105 domestic manufacturers who also participated in these trade procurement meetings.

AutoTronics features Forums, Tata & more!

Autotronics featured its all-star forum that was packed with discussions on how the mature and emerging markets are taking to mobile communications, safety, and energy-saving. Guest speakers were from semi-conductors, tier-one companies, automobile electronics, system network and downstream automobile manufacturers.

These forums gathered the leaders up and down the global automobile electronics supply chain, including more than 300 domestic and international industrial professionals. It’s here where they heard Mr. V.G. Gujrathi, senior general manager (electrics and electronics) at the R&D arm of Tata Motors elaborate on their newly introduced Tata Nano— a car which costs less than 2,000 Euros which has brought the dream of car ownership to the masses of India. That model has rapidly secured a 20% growth rate on the Indian automobile market. He added his view that Taiwanese manufacturers would enter the OE and AM supply chain of the Indian market in the near future.

Where parts are launched!

A total of 27 manufacturers signed up to launch their products at AutoTronics. These events attracted more than 300 participants, including international buyers from Indonesia, Costa Rica, Japan, Pakistan, Singapore, India, the Philippines, Malaysia, China, and Egypt, and representatives from the industrial and academic circles of Taiwan, such as Qisda, Ryo Tai, Sin Etke Technology, Aerospace, TYC, Infineon, ChungHwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile, and the Institute for Information Industry and National Taiwan University. Thanks to this event scores of fresh products and concepts have gained greater profile across the industry.

With even more buyers, products, and exhibitors coming, the next show is a must see event. Don’t miss Taipei AMPA 2009 & AutoTronics Taipei 2009 next April 16th to April 19th 2009 at NANGANG Exhibition Hall and TWTC Exhibition Hall 1.

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