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Automechanika Innovation Award 2008 – Winners

Automechanika Innovation Award 2008 – Winners –

1) Parts: FAG Wheel Bearing with Axial Spline from LuK-Aftermarket Service OHG

2) Systems: StARS μ-hybrid from Valeo Service SAS

3) Accessories: Volkswagen V-Protector Paint Protection Films from Volkswagen Zubehör GmbH

4) Repair / Diagnostics: Automotice ECG from Volkswagen AG


5) Repair / Diagnostics: Audi Quick Ammeter from AUDI AG

6) Repair / Maintenance: E-ZINC from KAMATEC GmbH

7) IT & Management: TecIdentify from TecCom GmbH

8) Service Station & Car Wash: Rapidon 6 (Petrol Can) from Birchmeier Sprühtechnik AG

No less than € 18 billion of the € 54 billion invested in research and
development by German industry last year was spent by the
automobile industry. Interestingly in this connection, the majority of
innovations come from the suppliers. And this is reflected by the
results of the latest edition of the Automechanika Innovation Awards
held on the occasion of Automechanika 2008. 

An independent jury of seven renowned experts from the sector
made their choice on 25 August: eight companies were selected for
the Automechanika Innovation Award, two of them in the repair /
diagnostics category. The presentation of the awards will be held
during the Automechanika opening ceremony in ‘Saal Europa’ of Hall
4 at 10.00 hrs on 16 September. All 150 products entered for the
Automechanika Innovation Award will be on display during the fair in
a special exhibition in the foyer of Hall 4.1.

The following is a list of all award-winning exhibitors in the individual
categories with the title of the product entered, a brief description and the name of a contact person. 

KAMATEC GmbH / Repair / Maintenance category with the product

‘E-Zinc’ is a portable electrolytic 12 V manual galvanisation system
for galvanising repairs on car bodies and metal add-on parts, as well
as welded points and seams. A variety of electrodes can be used,
which means the system is suitable for use with both small and large

Contact: Franz Schnitzhofer, tel.: +49 6271 8079540 

Volkswagen AG / Repair/ Diagnostics category with the product
‘Vehicle ECG’: 

The Vehicle ECG from Volkswagen is a data logger used in connection
with sporadic malfunctions. At the press of a button, the
device records the values measured from a complaint the customer
has been unable to reproduce at the workshop. The result is a more
precise fault diagnosis and rectification. Hence, repeated repairs and
an unnecessary exchange of parts can be avoided, costs cut and
customer satisfaction increased. 

Contact: Hans-Jürgen Markgraf, tel.: +49 5361 945905 

Audi AG/ Repair / Diagnostics category with the product ‘„Audi Quick
Current Tester’: 

Using the Audi Quick Current Tester, it is possible to measure the
current flowing at the fuse without influencing the vehicle’s systems.
The electrical circuit is not broken, which permits a quick diagnosis to
be made. Moreover, it is not necessary to delete information from any
data store or make any adaptations. 

Contact: Stephanie Delucci, tel.: +49 841 89-43063

Birchmeier Sprühtechnik AG / Service Station & Car Wash category
with the product ‘Rapidon 6’: 

Rapidon 6 is a petrol can with which a tank can be filled with a
specific amount quickly and without drips or dirty hands. However,
the canister is also suitable for use with other liquids, such as screenwash fluid. It is always tightly sealed unless the push button has been pressed. With a capacity of six litres, it is an ideal reserve canister for cars, mopeds and law mowers. 

Contact: Jörg Lembachner, tel.: +41 5648-58130 

Valeo SAS / Systems category with the product ‘StARS μ-Hybrid’: 

The StARS system stops the engine at a red light or in a traffic jam
and restarts it almost noiselessly as soon as the driver takes his or
her foot from the brake. This technology ensures great fuel savings
and cuts emissions without having a negative impact on the driver’s
normal driving habits. In a Smart ‘mhd’, the Valeo system produces
fuel savings of up to 19 percent in town driving. 

Contact: Clara Metivier, tel.: +33 14945 3920 

TecCom GmbH / IT & Management category with the product

TecIdentify checks the authenticity of automobile parts worldwide.
The system enables anyone anywhere in the world to check via the
internet that automotive parts marked with the CLEPA security code
are genuine. The 2D barcode can be read and transmitted with the
aid of a conventional 2D scanner or mobile phone. 

Contact: Mr. Stonies, tel.: +49 89 321216-0 

LuK-Aftermarket Service oHG / Parts category with the product
‘FAG wheel bearing with spur toothing’: 

In conventional systems, power is transferred between the wheel
bearing and the joint housing via radial toothing, which has a certain
degree of play. The new FAG wheel-bearing concept with selfcentring, zero-play axial spur toothing is approx. 10 percent lighter
than conventional systems and is easier to fit. 

Contact: Gerd Eggebrecht, tel.: +49 6103 753214

Volkswagen Zubehör GmbH / Accessoires category with the product
‘Volkswagen V-Protector Paint Protection Film’: 

With the V-Protector Paint Protection Film from Volkswagen, vehicles
can be protected from stone impact, corrosion damage or the
annoyance of parking dents easily and effectively. Particularly striking
in this connection is the innovative processing flexibility that includes
even the smallest radii. Besides protecting the vehicle’s good looks,
the product is ideal for ensuring that leasing cars hold their value and
maintaining the resale value for private or commercial resale. 

Contact: Arnim Fischer, tel.: +49 6103 806410

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