New Dymon 5 coating machine at Bekaert's N.C. plant capable of handling large engine parts and new material types – booth 1510 at PRI

Bekaert (Sorevi), a worldwide leader in performance engine coating technologies, has recently invested in a new Dymon 5 Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating machine for both racing and other high-performance engine components. The Dymon 5 coating machine has been installed at the company’s Reseach Triangle Park (RTP) plant in Raleigh-Durham, N.C. Thanks to this new investment, Belgium-based Bekaert will be able to target the racing and automotive markets in the United States more efficiently. Bekaert’s intensified focus to these U.S. markets will also be the theme of the company’s participation at the 21st annual Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show in Orlando, Fla, Dec. 11-13.

Dymon 5 coating machine opens new opportunities

The new Dymon 5 coating machine enables Bekaert to coat large engine components such as crankshafts. Additionally, the Dymon 5 coater can handle temperatures below 200 degrees Celsius, making it perfect for the newest coatings such as those being applied to aluminium pistons. Both of those features were previously not possible and therefore bring new opportunities for Bekaert’s U.S. racing and automotive businesses.

For the racing market, Bekaert can coat aluminium pistons, piston pins, valves and suspension components, amongst other items. For the automotive market, Bekaert can handle high volumes of valve train components (tappets), diesel injection components and piston pins.

“We are thrilled with the installation of the Dymon 5 coating machine and the new business opportunities that this generates,” said Mark Boghe, product market manager of Bekaert’s Automotive/Racing business unit. “Expanding the RTP facility with this new coating machine enables us to better respond to our customers’ needs for new coating applications and shorter delivery times. We look forward to meeting with our customers and prospects at this year’s PRI Show in Orlando, demonstrating the significant benefits our new capabilities can bring to their projects.”

Dedicated U.S. production site for engine components

With the investment in the new coating equipment, Bekaert is confirming its commitment to make its Research Triangle Park facility a dedicated production site for engine components, offering a wide range of DLC coatings. Bekaert (Sorevi) has been serving the American racing market for over 10 years and expanded its American operations in 2005 with the opening of its state-of-the-art coating center in Raleigh-Durham. Today, the company’s dedicated racing-coating team at Bekaert’s center in Research Triangle Park is supplying American racers with Bekaert’s superior DLC coatings, marketed worldwide under the trade name Cavidur®.

Bekaert (Sorevi) is the number one supplier to the NASCAR, Formula 1, rally, DTM and Formula 3 markets amongst others with its high-quality Cavidur® DLC coatings. The unique composition and structure of Cavidur® results in the most reliable surface-engineered solutions for highly loaded engine components.

Meet Bekaert (Sorevi) at PRI, Booth 1510

As the world’s largest auto racing trade show, the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show annually attracts over 45,000 members of the racing industry from 45 countries. Bekaert has already been attending this show for many years. During this year’s show, Mark Boghe, product market manager of Bekaert’s Automotive/Racing business unit, and Tom Jenkins, market manager Racing US, will be available at booth 1510 to give show-goers further information on how Bekaert can give them the winning edge.

Bekaert can be contacted via Mark Boghe, product market manager Bekaert, at: +32 (0)9 338 59 10, e-mail: More information is available at

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Mon. June 17th, 2024

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