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Microflex – Rich Evans & MidKnight Black Nitrile Gloves

Automotive Industries spoke to Jennifer Singh, Product Manager for the Microflex Industrial Division

In the Automotive industry, hands take a beating every day from oil, grease, solvents, brake fluid and coolant, not to mention sharp objects. An effective way to minimize and protect against exposure to these hazards is to wear quality disposable gloves. The practice is becoming more prevalent, with high-profile automotive designers like Rich Evans showing the benefits of hand protection.

But not just any gloves will do, as inferior products can be potentially dangerous if ripped or torn, not to mention frustrating and expensive due to constantly wasting time changing gloves. Automotive professionals should choose gloves with a reputation for superior quality and comfort. And during these tough economic times, at a cost they can afford.

MidKnightTM gloves from Microflex® offer quality hand protection in a durable, yet comfortable nitrile material with an added benefit: the right style for the automotive industry. These uniquely black gloves are a perfect fit for custom car designers and collision repair experts like Evans, which is why Microflex® Corporation (Lake Forest, IL), a subsidiary of BarrierSafe Solutions International and leading supplier of latex and synthetic hand protection, has partnered with the hot rod designer and television personality.

The owner of Huntington Beach Bodyworks, Rich Evans is recognized for his expertise in auto body repair and designing, building, and painting custom hot rods with unique, show-stopping designs. Rich has appeared on numerous cable television programs such as MTV’s “Pimp My Ride,” the SPEED Channel’s “Chop, Cut, and Rebuild,” and The Learning Channel’s “Junkyard Wars.” He was already regularly using Microflex® gloves in his shop, so endorsing Microflex was natural.

“It’s great to have a protective glove that is strong and comfortable all in one,” says Evans. “It makes my job much easier and at the end of the day I don’t have to worry about paint and junk on my hands and fingers.”

Evans endorsement of Microflex includes a website: It features a variety of Microflex® gloves for the automotive industry, including latex gloves like Diamond GripTM and SafeGrip®, and nitrile gloves like Supreno® and the aforementioned MidKnightTM.

MidKnight™ gloves from Microflex offer a superior combination of durability and protection against day-today hazards, in a comfortable nitrile glove. Specifically designed with a distinct black color to mask stains like grease and paint, fully textured for a firm grip, and engineered for consistent performance in demanding environments, MidKnight™ gloves are a proven choice for automotive industry professionals.

Automotive Industries spoke to Jennifer Singh, Product Manager for the Microflex Industrial Division.

AI: Why are MidKnight ™ gloves recommended for use in the automotive industry?

JS: Many auto technicians fail to recognize the danger in exposing their bare hands to chemicals and mechanical strain. MidKnight™ gloves provide protection against these dangers and are specially designed to meet the needs of professionals in the automotive industry. When you wear MidKnight™, you get superior protection in a comfortable nitrile glove.

AI: Rich Evans, the eminent car designer from Southern California, endorses MidKnight™ gloves – what is the reason for his endorsement?

JS: Rich has been using Microflex® gloves for along time; first with our top-selling Diamond Grip™ latex gloves, and now with our new MidKnight™ nitrile gloves. He knows the importance of protecting his hands while working and Microflex provides the quality protection and comfort he demands. Our partnership was the natural result of a long time user letting others know how well Microflex gloves work for him.

AI: Tell us a little about how the gloves were designed and what technologies went into making them proof against automotive environments such as grease, brake fluids, gasoline, lubricants and so on.

JS: Like all of our products, MidKnight™ gloves go through the Microflex® Quality System to ensure that their performance meets or exceeds all current and proposed medical examination glove standards imposed by the ASTM International and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Due to our rigorous quality system, MidKnight™ gloves meet the high standards our customers have come to expect, and to date, have not experienced any delays in shipments due to the quality of our product.

AI: What are some of the emerging markets Microflex is targeting?

JS: Microflex® is constantly looking for new markets to introduce to our quality glove line.

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Sun. July 14th, 2024

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