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SiGNa Chemistry Launches Alternative Energy Research Center

Facility set to begin development of cutting-edge hydrogen fuel cell technology

SiGNa Chemistry, Inc., a developer of stabilized reactive metals for safer, more efficient industrial chemistry, today unveiled its Alternative Energy Research Center located in Davis, California. With full access to SiGNa’s wide range of materials research, expertise, and production capabilities, the 2000 square foot Alternative Energy Research Center is the ideal facility to support SiGNa’s Hydrogen Generator Beta Program. Set to begin Q2 2009, the program will use SiGNa’s innovative technology to create a unique hydrogen storage alternative for general industrial hydrogen, and portable fuel cell applications.

“The need for safe, effective and sustainable alternative energy sources is greater than ever,” says Michael Lefenfeld, President and CEO, SiGNa Chemistry, Inc. “Working closely with various industrial partners, the Alternative Energy Research Center is focused on developing technology, tools and procedures that will allow fuel cell developers to rapidly integrate SiGNa’s hydrogen generation technology into their applications.”

The Hydrogen Generator Beta Program features SiGNa’s award-winning reactive metal technology, including inherently safe, air stable powders that react with water rapidly and completely without a catalyst to produce greater than 9 wt.% molecularly clean hydrogen gas with environmentally friendly byproducts. In collaboration with industrial partners, SiGNa will develop a unique hydrogen generation system for various applications. For example, the SiGNa solution will generate high purity hydrogen in a small bench-top system for use as a safe and reliable back-up power source while eliminating the need for heavy high-pressure tanks..

“Hydrogen fuel cell technology is ready to meet industrial and clean energy needs, but until now, hydrogen storage and generation technology has not been able to realistically support most applications,” according to Andrew Wallace, Director of the Alternative Energy Research Center, SiGNa Chemistry, Inc. “SiGNa’s safe and effective technology can help serve many vital applications, such as back-up power for emergency responders, military communications, and auxiliary power units for RVs and trucks.”

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