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7th Leading International Trade Fair for Cleaning within the Production Process and Maintenance from 20 to 22 October 2009 in Stuttgart, Germany

Whether manufacturing or maintenance is involved, the task of industrial cleaning is to assure the levels of cleanliness required for further processing or error-free, correct functioning. And ever stricter demands coupled with rising cost pressure are making cleaning processes which are matched to actual requirements absolutely essential. The 7th parts2clean will present solutions for cost-effective, ecologically efficient and reproducible parts cleaning in nearly all industries. The leading international trade fair for cleaning within the production process and maintenance will take place in Stuttgart (Germany) from the 20th through the 22nd of October, 2009. The COROSAVE international trade fair for corrosion protection, preservation and packaging will also be held concurrent to parts2clean this year.

Enormously heightened demands for component and surface cleanliness necessitate greater efforts in the area of parts cleaning in nearly all sectors of the manufacturing industries. At the same time, rising cost pressure is forcing companies to produce their products more and more efficiently. As a preventive measure targeted at avoiding costly machine and system failures and/or reducing maintenance time, industrial cleaning is also playing a more and more important role in the area of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO). In manufacturing as well as in the MRO processes, cleaning tasks need to be completed as economically and ecologically as possible.

parts2clean – Information and Procurement Platform for Optimised Cleaning Processes

Regardless of whether extremely demanding or simple cleaning tasks are involved – there’s no single correct solution by means of which the required cleanliness can be achieved efficiently and ecologically. In order to take advantage of the opportunities for reducing operating costs and improving quality which are frequently afforded by cleaning processes, a cleaning concept which has been matched to the task at hand is absolutely imperative. This, in turn, necessitates know-how regarding the performance capabilities of the various cleaning technologies and how they can be used in an optimised fashion. parts2clean provides this knowledge as a technical trade fair with the world’s most comprehensive offerings for cleaning within the production process and maintenance. The leading international trade will take place in Stuttgart (Germany) from the 20th through the 22nd of October, 2009.

Cleaning Strategies for Manufacturing

The broad ranging, in-depth offerings presented at parts2clean make it possible for users from a great variety of industries, for example the automotive, electronics, semiconductor and food industries, machinery and equipment manufacturing, medical engineering, aviation and aerospace, hydraulics and pneumatics, as well as precision mechanics and precision engineering, to implement cleaning concepts which have been laid out in a requirements-oriented manner, by means of which the entire production process can often be run more efficiently. The most suitable process (e.g. wet chemical processes such as spray, immersion and ultrasonic cleaning, or dry processes such as CO2 and plasma cleaning), as well as duration of treatment and the number of process steps can be determined on the basis of key factors including component geometry, material, type and degree of contamination, utilised cleaning agent, throughput and cleanliness requirements. Depending upon the task at hand, it might also make good economical sense to combine various processes.

Modern automation and handling systems such as robots allow for quick adjustment to various components and changing requirements within the cleaning process itself. Where cleaning agents are concerned, the suppliers are assuring improved economy, environmental compatibility and shorter process times by means of ongoing development and innovation. Media treatment also has a considerable influence on the quality and the costs of the cleaning process. With the help of effective filtration and separating systems which will be presented by the exhibitors at parts2clean (e.g. oil separators, particle filters, membrane filters and water treatment), bath service life can be increased and disposal costs can be reduced. If a batch process is used, the utilised cleaning racks have a great influence on cleaning results, time and costs. And parts2clean offers innovative solutions for inspecting and documenting the achieved levels of cleanliness as well.

Cleaning in the MRO Processes

Where cleaning processes for maintenance are concerned, maintaining or restoring the functionality and efficiency of machines and equipment is at the centre of attention on the one hand. On the other hand, tasks are involved by means of which existing coatings, for example protective tool coatings and paint, have to be removed – for the purpose of either applying a new coating or inspecting the tools. Maintenance and repair work must always be completed as quickly as possible, in order to minimise idle time. CO2 blasting is a process which usually makes it possible to efficiently clean machinery, equipment and moulds – usually without removing them. This dry process can also be used to clean power transmission components, and to remove paints and coatings. Dry steam compressed air cleaning is suitable for quickly and effectively removing grease, oil, graphite and other types of coarse contamination from production machines such as paper and plastic processing machines, foundry machines, presses, stamping, milling and CNC machines, as well as production lines and robot systems. Ultrasonic processes make it possible to fulfil strict cleanliness requirements for the cleaning of machine and device components. Thanks to the special characteristics of this process, complete assemblies, for example transmissions and engines, can be cleaned without being dismantled.

Expert Forum and International parts2clean Convention

As a supplement to information provided by the exhibitors, the 3-day parts2clean expert forum held in German will offer comprehensive know-how covering all aspects of cleaning within the production process and maintenance.

In addition to this, an international, bilingual (German and English) convention entitled “Worldwide Requirements, Technologies and Markets” will be held for the first time within the framework of parts2clean on the 19th and 20th of October. The object of this event, which is being organised together with the Fraunhofer Alliance for Cleaning Technology in its function as a technical collaboration partner, is to provide users as well as manufacturers of industrial cleaning technology with a basis for successfully penetrating new markets.

Concurrent Event – COROSAVE

The new COROSAVE international trade fair for corrosion protection, preservation and packaging will take place concurrent to parts2clean in 2009. It covers the entire spectrum of temporary corrosion protection in production, as well as the preservation and packaging of parts and components during storage and transport. This makes it possible for visitors to gather information concerning product and service offerings for two important production and maintenance tasks.
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