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Donaldson Vents – Reliable Protection for Automotive Devices.

Donaldson is a well established supplier to the Automotive industry, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in providing protection vents. We have developed our products in close co-operation with customers, utilising 20 years of Tetratex® ePTFE membrane technology; protecting automotive devices from water; harmful contaminants; temperature and pressure fluctuation.

Donaldson Tetratex ePTFE media provides protection to a variety of automotive applications such as exterior lighting including headlamps and fog lamps; sensors; connectors; electronic motors; ABS modules; electric window motors; transmissions; fuel systems and power steering systems.

Various electronic components within the vehicle are protected by Donaldson vents which prevent contaminants, such as water, oils and dust from damaging the numerous electronic devices within the vehicle. Tetratex ePTFE membrane helps to increase product life by reducing potential contamination damage, allowing clean air to flow through the component, whilst allowing pressure equalisation and gas exchange created by temperature fluctuations.

Due to the nature of road vehicles, sensitive parts can be exposed to harsh conditions detrimental to their performance. Rain water, oil, dust and dirt can lead to degradation in performance, resulting in safety and reliability concerns for car manufacturers. The extremely hydrophobic, oleophobic and filtration efficiency of the membrane provides unique protection for the most sensitive applications, helping to increase reliability and extend product life.

In-house Experts

Donaldson has a highly skilled team of experts who are able to offer complete venting solutions; providing you with an extension to your engineering team, to achieve a perfectly integrated vent for your device.

As the car industry becomes more technologically advanced, manufacturers require products that are of the highest specification, utilising innovative production methods. Donaldson’s in-house experts can advise on “best practice”, resulting in increased product performance and reduced operational costs. Donaldson employs engineers with the most up-to-date knowledge on venting solutions to help customers achieve their goals.

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Fri. July 19th, 2024

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