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1st International Congress for Suppliers and Users of Industrial Cleaning Technology

Cleaning within the Production Process: Worldwide Requirements, Technologies and Markets

Stricter requirements for component cleanliness, along with increasing cost pressure, are making themselves apparent in nearly all industry sectors around the globe. This is resulting in an immense, worldwide need for information regarding the various requirements and technologies in the various markets. For the first time ever, the parts2clean Congress provides users and suppliers of industrial cleaning technology a platform which offers answers, and allows for an exchange or information at the international level. The international Congress for Cleaning within the Production Process will take place at the Congress Center on the Stuttgart trade fair grounds as part of this year’s parts2clean on the 19th and the 20th of October, 2009.

Component cleanliness has evolved into a decisive competitive factor in recent years. Companies in the industrialised nations, as well as businesses in growth markets, are effected by this trend: Parts have to be manufactured today to nearly identical quality standards all over the world due to advancing globalisation, and stipulations for environmental protection are becoming stricter and stricter around the globe as well. And thus from a competitive standpoint, it’s decisive for users of industrial cleaning technology to know which requirements apply within the respective markets and how they can be fulfilled both economically and ecologically. On the other hand, suppliers of industrial cleaning technology need knowledge regarding requirements in other countries, in order to be able to successfully penetrate new markets.

International Markets for Industrial Parts Cleaning
Both issues will be addressed at the parts2clean Congress at the international level. On the first day, world class speakers from Germany, Japan, India and the USA will illuminate industrial cleaning markets in Europe, Asia and North America. On the second day, the agenda will include topics such as reducing environmental pollution by means of industrial parts cleaning in Japan, requirements for cleaning and cleanliness in the automotive industry and medical engineering, the state-of-the-art and developmental trends for process control in industrial parts cleaning and current, as well as future cleaning and analysis requirements in the semiconductor and electronics industries.

As a supplement to information offered at the parts2clean Congress, the Leading International Trade Fair for Cleaning within the Production Process and Maintenance, to which Congress participants are admitted free of charge, will present an overview of the latest developments in all areas of industrial cleaning technology, as well as analysis methods and quality control. Further information is available at  

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