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Selling Source companies to independent auto dealers: ‘You can increase sales, profits during downtu

Two Selling Source LLC companies were in the Sunshine State last weekend showing independent auto dealers how to combat the current economic downturn by using the Internet to garner more profits by increasing sales and lowering risks.

At Orlando’s Gaylord Palms Resort, the companies — PartnerWeekly LLC and DataX Ltd., marketed jointly under the PartnerWeekly Auto brand — presented their innovative Web services to members of the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association, which represents more than 20,000 professional auto dealers.

PartnerWeekly, the acknowledged leader in consumer specialty finance lead generation, is the industry’s largest performance-based marketing agency. Its lead generation and credit -repair services offer independent auto dealers the power of Internet marketing to attract, retain and upgrade customers.

Delivers a million leads a month
PartnerWeekly’s turnkey Internet lead-generation programs deliver more than a million validated, exclusive online leads a month, the highest-quality leads in subprime market. These leads drive daily traffic to dealer lots without the need for middleman commissions.

Unlike other lead-generation sources, PartnerWeekly programs have no start-up or cancellation fees and feature a no-hassle return policy.

PartnerWeekly delivers fully completed auto loan credit applications, targeted to auto dealers’ specific markets, by fax, e-mail or through any compatible CRM system. PartnerWeekly programs are tailored to fit dealer needs and feature online tracking to measure effectiveness.

Credit repair programs upgrade customers
With a recession in full swing, now more than ever auto dealers need credit repair programs to help their subprime customers establish or improve their credit.

As a result, dealers are seeing more car sales, better margins, longer relationships with buyers, referrals and customers with more buying power, according to PartnerWeekly. Grateful customers benefit by getting lower interest rates and monthly payments, newer model cars and higher FICO scores for other credit purchases.

PartnerWeekly credit-repair programs leverage consumer rights to engage credit bureaus and individual creditors to remove negative items from credit reports.

DataX removes risk
DataX Ltd. acknowledges that independent auto dealers must make fast, informed subprime lending decisions every day. Good lending decisions depend on predictive data that accurately defines the risk associated with a potential subprime borrower, the company advises.

Traditional credit bureaus only provide a one-dimensional view of this consumer — the eventual disposition of the loan. DataX’s credit reporting agency, or CRA, is unique, however, because it provides access to real time transaction- based payment detail, including Automated Clearing House return data.

Availability of payment trend data provides unequalled insight to inform and empower profitable credit decisions.

With the DataX CRA, auto dealers gain access to the industry’s most comprehensive repository of information on subprime borrowers. Through its clients and affiliates, DataX processes more subprime lending transactions daily than any other single provider within the business and financial services sector.

By leveraging data from payday loans, installment loans, subprime credit cards and other sources of nontraditional credit information, the company equips its agency members to mitigate the risk inherent in subprime lending.

DataX is an FCRA compliant credit reporting agency that champions responsible reporting and lending practices.

Full suite of identity services
DataX’s real-time identity authentication solutions enable auto dealers to make quick, confident and objective decisions about a consumer’s identity. DataX services employ advanced analytics and decisioning technology to prevent fraud, reduce risk and help dealerships grow profitably.

Identity Verification — IDV
Identity Verification, or IDV for short, uses advanced analytics and proprietary logic to measure the strength of the relationship among “in-wallet” data elements in real time. It cross checks consumer input against more than 250 million unique records from internal sources and public databases to determine how well the identifying elements match against each other and against DataX’s databases. .

Knowledge-Based Authentication — KBA
When circumstances and risk warrant added assurance of an individual’s identity, KBA provides optimum protection against identity fraud with real-time decisioning. It generates specific queries to the consumer based on “out-of-wallet” information. These challenge-response questions span both credit-related and non-credit dependent information and prompt the user for information that only he or she will know.

For the auto industry’s best practice in authentication — and one of best fraud-prevention measures — DataX now offers IDK, an integrated risk-based approach. This service offers the advantages of identity verification screening coupled with knowledge-based authentication questions for maximum security. IDK allows a dealer to establish scoring thresholds, referring consumers to KBA only when risk warrants.

With DataX, independent auto dealers can make unparalleled data-driven decisions to drive revenue, mitigate risk and improve profitability. Precise data-and-decisioning support services allow dealers to limit unexpected financial losses resulting from fraud and identity theft. In addition, DataX solutions promote better outstanding debt-collection, lower first-payment defaults and fewer charge-offs that translate into quantifiable bottom line results.

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Fri. April 19th, 2024

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