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Sustainable Packaging That Won’t Break the Bank – CAPS Meets Demands to Go Green in a Tough Econom

Container and Pooling Solutions (CAPS) (, the leading provider of container management services, is helping manufacturers and suppliers nationwide reduce supply chain waste. With increasing government and corporate demands, implementing sustainable practices throughout the supply chain is at the forefront of company initiatives. For the past 10 years, CAPS has supplied reusable container solutions to the automotive, beverage, food and chemical markets, and over the past several months, has seen an increase in prospect requests to help cut packaging costs while meeting newly implemented greening standards.

CAPS’ suite of container managed services, including the rental of reusable dry and liquid containers, affords manufacturers and suppliers the opportunity to diminish operating costs and save capital, while improving their carbon footprint. The unique collapsibility and stackability of the containers allows customers to save warehouse space and reduce gas emissions by shipping more per truckload. Additionally, each CAPS container is identified using a unique barcode that is scanned and tracked to optimize the existing supply chain, eliminate underutilized inventory and reduce shipping expenses.

“With increasing pressure from the government, corporate executive management and consumers to implement green strategies throughout their supply chains, manufacturers are looking for unique packaging solutions to meet this goal, while continuing to reduce their costs during these tough economic times,” says Robert Wiedmaier, CAPS’ CEO. “One common misconception decision makers often have is that going green will negatively impact their bottom line, when in fact this is not the case. By using returnable containers, such as those provided by CAPS, companies actually realize significant savings on their packaging costs. Our clients have quickly learned that going green and cutting costs aren’t mutually exclusive.”

In addition to providing environmentally friendly containers, CAPS offers tracking and container life cycle management services such as repair, cleaning, and recycling to both rental customers, as well as those who own their fleet.

“Our state of the art container management system, CAPS-TRACTM, combined with our life cycle management services, enables our customers to manage their business with a smaller, more efficient container fleet while ensuring they maximize the life span of their bins,” explains Drew Merrill, CAPS’ VP of Business Development and Strategic Planning. “When combined with our rental services, our cradle-to-grave solution reduces excess costs across the supply chain while furthering their corporate sustainability goals.”

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Thu. July 18th, 2024

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