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Bekaert successfully develops Cavidur®HT – an innovative exhaust valve coating for use in racing

Bekaert (SOREVI) with technical support from Xceldyne Technologies’ announces the development of Cavidur®HT, an exhaust valve coating which provides leading race teams with a high-level friction and wear resistant coating for exhaust valves.

Bekaert (SOREVI), a worldwide leader in performance engine coating technology, and Xceldyne Technologies, a direct manufacturer of titanium valves, have announced the development of Cavidur®HT a Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating for use on exhaust valves. The companies’ combined solution will address wear issues resulting from the use of unleaded fuel in NASCAR. According to Xceldyne, the successful development between both companies is strongly enhanced by Bekaert’s timely delivery and responsive action. Bekaert developed the new Cavidur®HT coating, a competitive alternative to existing CrN coatings for exhaust valves.

Innovative coatings for the 21st century

NASCAR teams found excessive valve face & seat wear after the mandated switch to unleaded fuel. This is due tothe reduced amount of sulphur in unleaded fuel, creating a dry fuel condition, similar to ethanol and methanol fuel systems. Bekaert’s Cavidur® DLC coatings address these wear and erosion issues, as they provide a permanent lubrication and keep friction low. Hence, they successfully avoid excessive wear and deformation of these components.

“It is a very exciting challenge to develop innovative coatings as a solution to upcoming fuel engine problems, especially for a leading industry provider like Xceldyne Technologies,” says Michael De Maegt, General Manager at Bekaert’s DLC division. “Bekaert is fully dedicated to the research of DLC coatings for new applications, to the benefit of both the racing and the automotive market.”

Cavidur®HT – a competitive alternative for CrN

NASCAR teams requested Bekaert to research a suitable alternative to the existing CrN (Chromium Nitride) coatings that are currently applied to exhaust valves. Bekaert therefore developed the Cavidur®HT coating, resistant to the high temperatures exhaust valves are often exposed to. Teams often rely on existing CrN coatings to increase the wear and friction resistance of exhaust vales. By adding this new coating to its portfolio, Bekaert is now truly a one-stop-shop supplier for engine components suppliers.

“We trust Bekaert’s Cavidur® DLC coatings to deliver superior performance in racing environments when applied to Xceldyne valvetrain components,” says Joe Rogers, Valvetrain Engineering Staff member at Xceldyne USA. “Bekaert has earned this trust because of its meticulous focus towards coating process control and stability, a company characteristic that has been established by SOREVI in the Formula 1 market many years ago and that has continued today within the Bekaert organization.”

Aligned global cooperation

To serve motor sport professionals all over the globe, Xceldyne has developed a worldwide presence, with facilities in the US as well as in Europe. Bekaert and Xceldyne’s also aligned their cooperation on a global level, enabling both companies to guarantee timely deliveries and support. The valves are coated at Bekaert’s US facility in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina for the American market and at Bekaert’s Limoges facility in France for the European market. Thanks to their global presence, Bekaert and Xceldyne’s combined logistic operations go without a hitch.

Bekaert ( seeks sustainable profitable growth based on its two core competences: advanced metal transformation and advanced materials and coatings. Bekaert aims to consolidate its position as both market and technological leader around the world. With its broad range of high technological products, systems and services, Bekaert offers high added value for its customers.
Bekaert (Euronext Brussels: BEKB) is a European based company, headquartered in Belgium, employing 23,000 people. Bekaert, present in 120 countries, generates annual sales of more than € 4 billion.

The company supplies the Formula 1, Rally, DTM, Formula 3 and NASCAR business with high quality Bekaert Cavidur® coating solutions. The unique composition and structure of Bekaert Cavidur® results in the most reliable surface engineered solutions for highly loaded engine components, increasing lifetime of these parts and significantly decreasing friction losses, providing an excellent adhesion under extreme conditions.

Based on this success and Bekaert’s engineering capabilities for high-volume automotive products, Bekaert expanded its range with Bekaert Dylyn® Plus coatings for high-volume automotive solutions. The most reliable and highest performance surface solution available on the market today, Bekaert Dylyn® Plus reduces friction losses, resulting in higher engine output and improved fuel consumption.

Bekaert offers its diamond-like coatings via sales and manufacturing offices in Belgium, France, Germany, United States, Singapore and China.

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Wed. July 17th, 2024

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