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Clear-View Technologies, Inc. Retains Riverwood Solutions for Sourcing and Supply Chain Management S

Riverwood Solutions, the innovator in managed supply chain services, recently announced that Clear-View Technologies, Inc., an innovator of real-time asset management systems for the hospitality and pharmaceuticals industries, has selected Riverwood Solutions for sourcing and supply chain management services for its soon-to-be-released Halo System, which is used for real time inventory measurement and management. Clear-View Technologies selected Riverwood for its Hybrid Outsourced Services Team (HOST(SM)) model, which enables Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to drive a lower total supply chain cost while reducing internal overhead.

“When we looked at the overhead costs of internally managing all of the various sourcing and supply chain management activities required to support the production ramp of the Halo System, retaining Riverwood Solutions was pretty simple math,” said Paul Mula, CEO of Clear-View Technologies. “Their team was able to very quickly demonstrate a level of expertise and a depth of supplier relationships that we could never have matched internally — at any costs. The improvement in Cost of Goods Sold that Riverwood Solutions was able to deliver was quite impressive and will provide significant benefit to both our customers and our shareholders.”

“We are very excited about working with Riverwood Solutions as a supply chain partner to help us manage the cost and quality aspects of volume production,” said Sherman W. Tom, COO of Clear-View Technologies, Inc. “It is a true partnership on a global basis.”

Traditionally, OEMs have had limited options for supply chain management — manage everything internally or rely very heavily on electronic manufacturing services (EMS) partners for virtually every aspect of supply chain management. Neither of these solutions has been completely successful in creating cost-effective, highly responsive supply chains. The Riverwood HOST model enables OEMs in a range of industries — from consumer products and Smart Phones, to semiconductors and green technology — to strip cost out of the supply chain with a hybrid approach to supply chain design, implementation and management.

“Like many potential Riverwood clients, Clear-View initially went down the path of creating significant internal overhead to manage sourcing and supply chain activities, feeling that internal control and captive resources would provide them with a very cost effective solution,” said Riverwood Solutions’ CEO Ron Keith. “However, they realized pretty quickly that it’s very difficult for a small OEM in San Jose to cost effectively maintain the resources required to design, implement and manage a truly competitive supply chain in this era of increasing globalization. We look forward to a very long and mutually beneficial relationship assisting Clear-View Technologies with its supply chain management activities.”

About Clear-View Technologies, Inc.

Clear-View Technologies (CVT) designs, manufactures and distributes a revolutionary asset and inventory management system which allows critical inventory and consumption information to be accessed and shared in real time between its customers and their key suppliers. The company’s Halo System provides unparalleled inventory visibility and web 2.0 enabled management capabilities to the company’s customers in the hospitality industry. Based on CVT’s proprietary and patented systems architecture, the Halo System is the world’s first inventory and asset management system that provides both real time consumption data and real time inventory data. Clear-View Technologies is a privately held company based in San Jose, Calif.

About Riverwood Solutions

Riverwood Solutions is a managed services provider that helps OEMs design, implement and manage cost-effective, highly responsive supply chains. Riverwood’s team of OEM and EMS (electronic manufacturing services) industry veterans has negotiated more than $7.5 billion in global supply agreements and launched nearly 200 products in 20 countries for numerous brand owning enterprises. The company’s HOST(SM) (Hybrid Outsourced Services Team) model provides clients at any stage of supply chain maturity with skilled project management in the world’s innovation centers and in-country operations and supply chain expertise in the world’s leading manufacturing centers. Riverwood’s unparalleled experience, proven processes and unique model allow OEMs to implement and manage more responsive supply chains at a lower total cost with a long-term partner whose financial goals are aligned with their own.

Headquartered in Menlo Park, Calif., Riverwood ( has offices in Dallas Texas, Guadalajara, Mexico, Stockholm, Sweden, and Shenzhen, China

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Fri. July 19th, 2024

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