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Turbine Truck Engines to Participate in Toronto Forum

Turbine Truck Engines, Inc, has announced that representatives of the company will be attending the Global Chinese Financial Forum (GCFF),, a two-day event designed to bring together the Resources, Life Sciences, and Clean Technology Industries of North America and Greater China to build upon the synergies of these two regions. The uniquely bilingual event is being held in Toronto, Ontario on October 15 and 16, 2009. Now in its tenth year, the GCFF affords participants opportunities to meet face-to-face with key Chinese decision makers to gain in-depth insight and information on doing business in China, and access to unique financing, investment, partnership, and licensing opportunities. The forum, which features a large exhibit hall, specialty panels, and keynote speakers, will also provide TTE the opportunity to present its story directly to the extensive North American Chinese-speaking investor community.

“We received great feedback from our recent presentation at the RedChip Equities Conference in New York City, and we look forward to continuing to raise TTE’s profile within the global investment community though our participation in the GCFF,” said Michael Rouse, TTE’s President and CEO. Video from the New York appearance is now available on the company’s web site at

Turbine Truck Engines, Inc. is a technology company focused on the development, manufacture and testing of its New Energy and Environmental Efficient Truck Engine intended for mass market in the United States and abroad. This new engine design can utilize any known fuel source (gasoline, diesel, propane, natural gas, hydrogen, methanol, ethanol or LPG) or fuel mixture, yet needs zero coolant, lube oil, filters, or pumps. The unique, lightweight turbine design has few moving parts, significantly reducing maintenance costs. The innovative cyclic detonation process produces a complete combustion of fuel-oxidation mixtures, resulting in greater fuel economy and fewer harmful exhaust emissions. For more information concerning Turbine Truck Engines, Inc., visit our website at

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