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Universal Robotics Names Hob Wubbena as Director of Marketing

Technology Industry Veteran Will Lead Company-Wide Marketing Efforts, Including Launch of Signature Software That Allows Robots to Learn

Universal Robotics, Inc. has named industry veteran Hob Wubbena its Director of Marketing. Wubbena will lead all of Universal’s marketing efforts, including the 2010 launch of Neocortex, the company’s signature software that allows machines to learn from their experiences rather than being programmed to act.

“Hob brings a rare mix of marketing savvy and technical know-how to Universal,” said David Peters, co-founder and CEO of Universal Robotics. “His experience as both a marketer and engineer, combined with his great passion for technology, makes him the ideal person to successfully take Universal’s products from our lab to the marketplace.”

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Universal is dedicated to improving industry through software that enables machines to learn and perform tasks that are dangerous or expensive for humans to complete.
Neocortex, which was developed at NASA and Vanderbilt University, will be deployed initially on industrial robots to automate the handling of mixed size boxes in the materials handling industry. 

Spatial Vision, Neocortex’s self-calibrating 3D vision software, also will be brought to market in 2010.

“In the 18 months since it launched operations, Universal has achieved some very impressive milestones, from securing funding to establishing industry partnerships to beginning alpha testing on Neocortex,” said Wubbena. “By blending real-time physical interactions with learned task patterns, Neocortex has the potential to create exciting new applications for industrial robots. I’m thrilled to be a part of the Universal team and look forward to introducing our products to the market in the months to come.”

Prior to joining Universal Robotics, Wubbena worked in the technology industry for 16 years in planning, marketing and introducing engineering solutions for Hewlett-Packard and Agilent Technologies. Prior to his marketing career, Wubbena was an engineer for more than a decade.

Wubbena’s engineering work spanned aerospace and defense, telecommunications, test and measurement, electronic manufacturing and chemical process industries. He holds three patents and has published more than a dozen articles in the US, Europe and Asia. Wubbena earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering from University of Wisconsin and an Executive MBA from University of Denver.

Universal Robotics creates software that enables machines to learn from their experiences, react and adapt to their surroundings, and perform tasks that are costly, dangerous or difficult for humans to undertake. The company’s signature technology, Neocortex, which was developed over seven years at NASA and Vanderbilt University, will increase efficiency and worker safety across industries in applications including warehousing, mining, handling hazardous waste and automating vehicles such as forklifts.

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Sun. July 14th, 2024

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