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New DealerSwap Online Service Accelerates Pre-Owned Auto Dealer Sales

DealerSwap (, a revolutionary online marketplace that accelerates sales while reducing costs, is now fully operational.

According to Barry Roth, DealerSwap President, “The mission of DealerSwap is to facilitate the purchase and sale of vehicles and parts between licensed new and used car dealers, banks, fleet, and rental organizations with minimal cost.

“The most successful auto dealers — even in these recessionary times
— now have the unique ability to find the perfect pre-owned car for their customer,” Mr. Roth continued.

“As really good pre-owned cars continue to become more scarce, finding a vehicle is only part of the problem. Obtaining and delivering it to the customer often results in a logistical nightmare of extra drivers and vehicles, long road trips, and significant unnecessary expense,” he explained.

“Sell More Cars, Make More Money”

Automobile industry sources estimate that approximately 254.4 million cars are presently registered on American roads. Over 20,000 cars are bought/sold daily at auction across the country by more than 40,000 dealers.

“The logic behind DealerSwap is quite simple,” Mr. Roth added. “Finding the perfect car for a valued customer is well worth the effort, so we made DealerSwap extremely easy to use — and it produces instant results. Our goal is very straightforward: we help dealers sell more cars at reduced costs, thereby making their deals more profitable.”

DealerSwap provides an instant virtual inventory of thousands of vehicles at the dealer’s fingertips, helps determine real time values and buyers for existing trade-ins with no middleman, and allows professionals to buy and sell vehicles and parts — all with no transaction fees,” Mr. Roth explained.

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Sat. July 20th, 2024

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