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Amerityre Announces International OEM Sales

Amerityre Corporation, a leading manufacturer of polyurethane flat proof tires, has announced that it has secured sales to a major OEM manufacturer of track systems for Utility Terrain Vehicles through Amerityre’s licensed Canadian distributor, Flat Free Tires Inc. The track system is the latest technology for use in the four wheel utility market.

The Amerityre product is used in the track system to improve reliability and provide maximum shock absorption for improved ride quality. The new track product was successfully tested earlier this past year and is now in production. The company’s original sales forecast has doubled twice due to the greater than expected market acceptance of the new track system. The company anticipates the annual usage for this track system will grow to 100,000 tires annually over the next couple of years. The company also stated they will be applying this new system to other recreational vehicle products later next year which may further increase their annual usage.

As announced in its 2009 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, Amerityre intends to continue to increase its international sales of its polyurethane foam tire products. “As part of our 2010 sales and marketing plan, we are determined to aggressively seek international sales opportunities and make every effort to increase our presence internationally”, said Mike Kapral. “The sales in Canada represent the first of many opportunities that we anticipate will result from our marketing efforts.”

About Amerityre Corporation

Since 1995, Amerityre (NASDAQ:AMTY) has pioneered the use of polyethylene material in the manufacture of flat proof tires in bicycles, mobility, industrial, lawn and garden and recreational tires. In 2003 we began development of our polyurethane Elastothane(TM) elastomer technology. This technology would allow us to ultimately develop a comprehensive line of tires and tire products based on polyurethane instead of rubber. These products include tire fill, solid tires, composite tires and pneumatic passenger vehicle tires.

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Wed. July 17th, 2024

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