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CleanGoal Environmental Contracted by KVN US Energy LLC to Assist in Financing

KVN US Energy Is in the Development of Electric Car Batteries and Fast Car Chargers at 50% of the Cost of Current Manufacturing Technologies

CleanGoal Environmental LLC., a provider of services for emerging companies in the Clean Energy Industry, is pleased to announce that it has been contracted to assist in financing KVN US Energy LLC, whose main objective is to produce and sell the next generation of electric car batteries and fast car chargers.

KVN will soon be producing several sample batteries and chargers, and allowing a third party entity to test the batteries for distribution.

The technology used to develop our batteries is lithium ATP, a battery designed to generate over 1,000 cycles, not heat, and one that costs less than the competition. Our chargers use a simple algorithm which absorbs the battery’s heat and does a complete charge in less than 15 minutes.

Ken Lelek, President of CleanGoal, commented, “KVN’s 15 Minute Battery Charger at room temperature function will establish a new industry paradigm in our nation’s energy consumption and will significantly impact environmental pollution reduction, as well as create ‘green’ jobs. Most importantly, it represents the definitive missing ‘key’ ability, for the first time in industry history, to recharge a battery system in 15 minutes — without the otherwise normal destructive heat.”

Patrick Smyth, CEO of CleanGoal, stated, “North American built, renewable energy will solve many of our problems and will contribute to resolving global warming issues. As an investment, clean energy has become increasingly attractive over the last year as financiers see the value of these emerging technologies on the marketplace. We are pleased to be working with more and more companies of this high calibre that have the potential to create shareholder wealth and employment during this period of economic uncertainty.”

Companies that have been chosen by CleanGoal are particularly interested in the impacts of human activity on the natural ecosystems of our great planet, while promoting the symbiotic relationship that exists between business and the environment. The CleanGoal Environmental website was designed as a place for investors to go and get information on companies developing green technology that are eco-friendly, and that have the potential for generating profit for investors.

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Fri. July 19th, 2024

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