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Innovative Wireless Direction Finding Technology Inside the New Auto-Finder

The company behind the Auto-Finder(TM), a patented new family safety product that guides you to your parked vehicle from up to 1/2 mile away, announced that it will be demonstrating its innovative Fynder(TM) wireless radio direction finding technology platform at the 2010 International CES, January 7 – 10 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Finder Technologies, located in Poway, California, said their patented micro antenna system can be licensed for use in a wide variety of unique product categories, including child finders, pet finders, asset tracking and monitoring devices, navigation systems, games, security, and emergency rescue devices.

“We developed our Fynder technology platform to help people avoid frustration and anxiety when looking for their parked cars, but we know that there are countless opportunities to incorporate this system into exciting new products,” said James Berntsen, President and CEO of Finder Technologies. “We are pleased to offer product category exclusives to interested parties in new market segments.”

The Fynder technology platform consists of a patented radio direction finding system that allows a small hand-held “Fynder” to indicate the direction of the paired beacon from up to 1/2 mile away. It is compact and has extremely low power consumption, making it ideally suited for battery operated applications. The wireless frequencies used are unlicensed world-wide so any products developed using Fynder technology can be used anywhere in the world.

The Auto-Finder is the first of a new category of family safety products featuring Finder Technologies’ micro antenna system. This technology platform is superior to GPS or mobile device apps because it guides you to your vehicle instantly without the requirement of open sky for satellite signals or having to preset your location every time you park. The Auto-Finder is the perfect gift of safety and comfort for loved ones who need to find their vehicle quickly in the event of danger, severe weather, snow, forgetfulness or confusion. Now consumers will never need to waste valuable time searching dimly lit parking garages where they can become victims of crime.

Finder Technologies will have more information about their technology platform available at CES 2010 booth number 1026, in the Location Based Services TechZone section, in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.