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Infrastructure experts VINCI Energies United Kingdom has today announced a partnership with Brighton-based Elektromotive, pioneers of the Elektrobay charging station, to install the world’s first fully-connected recharging infrastructure for pure electric and plug-in electric hybrid vehicles.

Ahead of any other organisation, VINCI Energies United Kingdom and Elektromotive have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to deploy a fully operational infrastructure in the UK, capable of charging electric vehicles whenever they are stationary at home, in public car parks, at the kerbside and at the workplace. Together VINCI Energies United Kingdom and Elektromotive will provide a complete solution for recharging electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, putting both companies at the forefront of initiatives to introduce zero-emissions transport.

The new partnership will combine Elektromotive’s technological expertise in the development of recharging facilities, with VINCI Energies’ United Kingdom‘s expertise and capacity to design, implement, operate and finance large infrastructure projects.

The number of Elektrobay charging stations will increase significantly in the UK during 2010, coinciding with the arrival of affordable, mass-produced electric vehicles launched by a range of mainstream car manufacturers. Elektromotive first introduced the Elektrobay in Westminster, London in 2006. There are now more than 250 Elektrobays in operation in the UK, and it remains the world’s most advanced charging station for electric vehicles. The Elektrobay is a convenient and simple-to-operate solution for charging electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

The VINCI Energies Group, which employs 33,000 people throughout Europe, has extensive experience of working with the service sector and industry, providing engineering support and solutions for a wide variety of projects. This know-how will be instrumental in the deployment of a comprehensive national EV recharging infrastructure. Combined with Elektromotive’s expertise in zero-emissions technology, the partnership will potentially roll-out a further network of charging stations across Europe.

Elektromotive’s Managing Director, Calvey Taylor-Haw, said, “This is not only an exciting partnership for Elektromotive but is also, at last, a pivotal step in the deployment of a fully-operational and networked recharging infrastructure for electric cars. We are delighted that a company with such a large and diversified portfolio of expertise is working with us to expand the current Elektrobay network. VINCI Energies has the leverage to accelerate the mass roll-out of public-access Elektrobays, plus home and workplace recharging on a mass scale – not just in the UK and Europe but also worldwide.”

He continued, “We have seen a significant rise in the demand for the Elektrobay installations in the UK, across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. It is critical that a cohesive and structured infrastructure is put in place now, as the electric cars of the future are on their way.”

Peter Rooney, Managing Director of VINCI Energies United Kingdom, commented, “The Electric Vehicle market is a new and exciting market, not only for UK but globally. We believe that the success of this market will depend upon the availability of accessible, reliable, secure and well maintained charging points.

“We are delighted that this partnership has been established as it will provide the first turnkey solution for mass deployment of a charging infrastructure. With Vinci Group’s substantial electrical and construction engineering resources, and Elektromotive’s EV infrastructure expertise, the partnership will ensure that the infrastructure can be deployed with appropriate speed and scale to support this fast-developing new market.

“The need for additional support services cannot be underestimated. Services such as help desks, emergency call out and maintenance will also be delivered to ensure that the public can confidently access and use the infrastructure when they need it.

“There will be many challenges ahead, but with the right team now in place we are confident that we can provide a strong, reliable charging infrastructure in the UK.”

About Elektromotive
Founded is 2003, Elektromotive is the world’s leading provider of technology and engineering solutions for electric vehicle recharging stations. The company’s main product is the Elektrobay, a recharging station for on-street or multi-storey car park use.

The simple-to-operate Elektrobay was first introduced in Westminster, London, in 2006, and in December 2009 there will be over 125 Elektrobays located across the capital. A further 130 fully-operational Elektrobay charging stations have been installed in cities and shopping centres around the UK. The Brighton-based company has exported Elektrobays to Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Ireland, Iceland Saudi Arabia and key markets in Asia.

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About the Elektrobay
The Elektrobay charging station has experienced tremendous success since its launch in London in 2006, with many local councils and organisations choosing the unit for its safety compliance and simple-to-use operation.

Elektrobays are typically situated next to parking bays, within easy reach of an electric vehicle’s charging point. Consumers access the Elektrobay’s power socket using a personalised electronic wireless key fob, which opens the weather-proof door at the front of the unit. When charging is in progress, the door locks shut, thus preventing any interference by a third party. To indicate when charging begins and ends, a strip of LED lights at the top of the unit changes colour and additional information is provided on the LCD screen at the front of the Elektrobay.

Compatible with all fully-electric and plug-in electric hybrid vehicles, the Elektrobay has a power output of 240 volts AC and 13 amps in the UK or 230 volts AC and 16 amps in Europe. All Elektrobay consumers receive a highly visible yellow coiled cable that extends to 3.5 metres and sits at waist height when charging is in progress, thus reducing trip hazards for pedestrians – including the blind and partially sighted.

About VINCI Energies
Vinci Energies, one of the four divisions of Vinci, is a major player in Europe, offering its customer’s high service content solutions in energy, information technologies, thermal engineering and fire protection.

Serving as the interface between users and equipment manufacturers, Vinci Energies provides design, implementation, maintenance and operation services in four major business lines: infrastructure, the service sector, industry and telecommunications.

The diversity of Vinci Energies’ offering, supported by its 800 close-knit network of Business Units and six network brands deployed throughout Europe, enables it to offer solutions that are both local and global. The Group employs 33,000 employees in 21 countries.

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