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BorgWarner's High-Power Electric Cabin Heater Provides Safety and Comfort for Drivers and Passengers of Electric Vehicles

MINI E cars equipped with a new generation of electric cabin heaters from BorgWarner BERU Systems are currently being tested in rental vehicles in the United States, Great Britain, Germany and other countries. Unlike diesel- or gasoline-powered vehicles, electric vehicles generate virtually no waste heat, and the battery does not radiate enough heat to warm the interior or defrost the windshield. Developed in close cooperation with BMW, BorgWarner’s new high-voltage cabin heaters provide drivers and passengers with a clear view and comfortable ride.

Installed in the air conditioning system and connected to the vehicle’s 400 volt electrical system, BorgWarner’s new cabin heaters achieve an output of 3,000 watts to effectively defrost windshields and provide a warm, comfortable driving environment. BorgWarner engineers designed the high-voltage connection, utilized new ceramic components and completed testing in only nine months. The new cabin heater can be modified for all-electric and hybrid vehicles with various electrical system voltages.

BorgWarner BERU Systems is a worldwide leading supplier and manufacturer of diesel cold start technology and ignition technology for gasoline vehicles. Its electronics and sensor technology provide more comfort and safety for applications in various engine and vehicle functions with products such as direct-measuring tire pressure monitoring systems and sensors for applications in engines, powertrain and exhaust systems.

Auburn Hills, Michigan-based BorgWarner Inc. (NYSE:BWA) is a product leader in highly engineered components and systems for vehicle powertrain applications worldwide. The FORTUNE 500 company operates manufacturing and technical facilities in 59 locations in 18 countries. Customers include VW/Audi, Ford, Toyota, Renault/Nissan, General Motors, Hyundai/Kia, Daimler, Chrysler, Fiat, BMW, Honda, John Deere, PSA, and MAN. The Internet address for BorgWarner is:

Currently being piloted in the MINI E, BorgWarner BERU Systems’ new high-voltage cabin heater provides drivers and passengers of electric vehicles with a clear view and comfortable ride.

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Tue. June 18th, 2024

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