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Pulling together to meet the demands of its customers – the AuDaCon team.

Raw unrefined data is much like crude oil – it has the potential to drive the business forward, but needs to be processed before it becomes useful.

An example of “useful” information is that which is used to plot the position of a company within the market-place. “Parameters like procurement costs, depreciation, follow-up costs, fuel consumption, service schedules and costs for maintenance and repair (in brief SMR costs) are not all comparable with competitors,” explains Ralf Pelkmann, Director of Data Development of AuDaCon. “There is therefore no definitive view of one’s market position.”

AuDaCon AG is a European-wide operating information specialist for the automotive industry. Raw data and information is processed and analyzed by AuDaCon AG to meet the information needs of every sector of the automobile and spare parts industry, service companies, fleets, insurances, credit grantors and lessors.

The benchmark analysis is the best way to determine success as well as difficult times, according to Pelkmann, and expanding market acceptance and maintaining sales figures require a continuous and precise view of the competitive environment. AuDaCon generates bench-mark reports through comparing its customer’s performance against those of its competitors in the market-place. Report parameters can be set individually by the clients to suit their particular needs at the time. The detailed analysis using information supplied directly from the client’s systems, displays individual spare parts, including appropriate pricing and OEM work-position numbers. AuDaCon AG numbers one of the high-profile European vehicle manufacturers among its clients for this service.

As assurance to its clients, data privacy is of great importance for AuDaCon AG. “SMR data remains exclusively within our company,” stresses Pelkmann, ensuring that benchmark specifications will not fall into unauthorized hands.

Cost of Ownership

Another of AuDaCon’s systems is a Cost of Ownership (COO) analytical tool, which monitors the entire cost factors involved in the life cycle of an automobile. AuDaCon COO offers fleet operators, leasing companies, manufacturers, or anyone who permanently maintains and operates multiple vehicles, the capability to incorporate all vehicle-related costs from the time of purchase to disposal of the vehicle into their calculations. Using sophisticated software, service intervals and labor times for service and maintenance are factored in, as well as pricing for spare parts, lubricants, tires and a large number of additional factors.

AuDaCon COO offers a variety of options and features, such as the ability to individually set calculation factors like mileage and duration. The basis for the cost-of-ownership calculations are the comprehensive technical vehicle data structures provided by AuDaCon using data from a number of countries. The data source for the new system is the comprehensive AuDaCon AIS database, which is available in independent versions for both cars and commercial vehicles.
All data and information entered into the system corresponds to the original manufacturer specifications and is available in several different languages. Each report is supplied with comprehensive summaries.

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Fri. July 12th, 2024

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