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FPT – Fiat Powertrain Technologies will be present at Bauma 2010 in Munich, the 29th edition, with a number of engines from its range for construction and power generation applications.

The FPT construction range, with capacities extending from 3.2 to 20 litres, is characterised by high technology, low running costs, high performance, fuel economy and a low environmental impact, and confirms FPT’s commitment to the development of eco-sustainable solutions.

To adapt its engines to the Tier 4 Interim/Stage III B standards that will come into force in the USA and in Europe in January 2011 for power outputs above 173 Hp (129 kW), and in January 2012 for power outputs that exceed 74 Hp (56 kW), FPT chose an extremely flexible option, which was driven exclusively by the customer’s requirements, guaranteeing:
higher performance
greater productivity
lower running costs

The current range will therefore adopt different systems depending on the engine family, on the basis of the power range and the specific missions for each application.
In detail, for less heavy applications, the Series F will adopt the E-EGR (External Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system combined with a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), a solution that respects the new emissions limits, with few additional costs and no impact on the ergonomics of the vehicle.
For medium-heavy applications, the engines of the series C, N and V (capacities from 4.5 to 20 litres) will fit the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system, which delivers top performance, low consumption and fewer vehicle down times.
SCR technology will guarantee a number of very significant advantages for the range of FPT engines for construction applications:
Ø lower fuel consumption (up to 7% less than Tier 3 / Stage III A)
Ø high specific power output (up to 48 Hp/litre)
Ø system life equal to the product’s life cycle
Ø easy installation with no need for changes in the engine bay
Ø modular solutions for a wide range of engines

At Bauma 2010, FPT – Fiat Powertrain Technologies will exhibit several examples of excellence from its N and C series.

Series N

Developed to meet the many market requirements, the engines of the Series N are outstanding proof of FPT’s high technological level. They are available in versions with 4 and 6 cylinders in line, turbopowered and turbopowered with an air-air aftercooler. The Series N Tier 3 engines (from 66 to 175 kW) are equipped with either a mechanical supply system or the common rail electronic injection system. The Tier 4 interim/Stage III B range, on the other hand, fits the common rail on all versions. The first engine in the Series N with Tier 4 interim approval to debut on the market is the N67, with a maximum power output of 210 kW at 2200 rpm. All the engines in the Series N envisage a 600-hour maintenance interval.

The Series N Tier 4 Interim/Stage III B is represented in the FPT area at Bauma 2010 by the N45 version, with 4 cylinders in line and a capacity of 4.5 litres, which delivers a maximum power output of 125 kW at 2200 rpm; a N45 and a N67 are exhibited respectively on the Case and New Holland stands, both equipped with the SCR system and type approved to standard Tier 4 interim/Stage III B.

Series C

Series C responds to the needs of heavy industrial applications that demand high power combined with low consumption. All the engines are configured with 6 cylinders in line and turbocharged with an air-air aftercooler, and they all fit electronic injection systems: common rail for the C87, and EUI (Electronic Unit Injection) for the C10 and C13 engines.

Series C currently employs an internal EGR on versions with outputs of 200 to 375 kW, whereas Series C Tier 4 interim/Stage III B engines will be equipped with the SCR system, covering the 220 to 452 kW power range. All the engines in the Series C guarantee high performance and outstanding reliability, with low running costs, thanks to 600-hour maintenance intervals.

There will be two Series C Tier 4 Interim/Stage III B engines on the FPT stand: the C87 ENT and the C13 ENT, both with the SCR catalyst.


The electric generator sets of the Rental range were designed specifically to meet the needs of the construction site, guaranteeing a high level of reliability and limiting operating costs.

The unit exhibited at Bauma 2010 has a power output of 100 kVA and is equipped with an FPT engine from the N family, with mechanical injection and a turbocharger with an air-air aftercooler, which meets current emissions standards for stationary applications. The unit also features a completely electronic control panel, which makes it easier to operate and monitor the unit in all working conditions.


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