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Ford Goes Global with QMC’s CM4D Quality Data Management Software

QMC LLC, the market leader in Product Quality Validation (PQV), today announced it has executed with Ford Motor Company a global license agreement for its award-winning CM4D software. The agreement supports Ford’s efforts to expand its quality processes globally.

In 2002 Ford implemented CM4D software to track and analyze quality data across its North American assembly and stamping facilities. Since that time, Ford has achieved industry-leading status in key quality metrics, such as wind noise reduction.

“Ford’s quality successes over the past several years are well-known,” said QMC Partner Jeff Perry. “The Ford team has done a world-class job implementing the CM4D technology for maximum impact at an enterprise level. We are honored to be a part of their success story, and proud that Ford has seen fit to take this next step with us and deploy the technology across its other regions.”

Ford’s quality ranking continues to climb. A recent study shows Ford has the fewest number of vehicle defects after the first three months of ownership – an 8 percent improvement over last year. The company’s customer satisfaction ratings also reached an all-time high at 84 percent; higher than any other full-line automaker.

As Ford expands its global portfolio, the software will ensure that quality processes remain standardized and easily monitored.

Known within Ford as Web Based Data Management, CM4D software captures “as-built” quality information collected during manufacturing processes by various measurement devices, adding transparency to the entire vehicle quality process, from the prototype phase through launch and into production.

“This takes all the emotion out of the discussion,” said Perry. “You understand where in the process variation occurred, when it happened and where it came from. The issue is resolved that much quicker and easier.”

Developer of CM4D software, the market leader in Product Quality Validation, QMC offers manufacturers a single automated solution for leveraging product measurement information across their enterprise so that critical quality issues are identified early, before they become larger build problems. QMC helps OEMs and their suppliers collaborate by offering instant visibility into the quality status of parts anywhere across a global supply chain. QMC also offers in-process metrology solutions and dimensional management services. For more information visit  

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Tue. July 23rd, 2024

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