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ADFS Perform Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis for the G2 Green Electric Car

Genovation Cars Inc. (, a Maryland designer and builder of environmentally friendly automobiles, announced that it recently selected and contracted with American Dynamics Flight Systems (ADFS) of Jessup, Md. to perform the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis of Genovation’s G2 electric car.

Through the CFD process, ADFS will use Genovation’s engineering files to perform computer-simulated wind tunnel tests, allowing for the refinement and improvement of air flow efficiencies on the G2. The CFD tests will also help increase the high-speed stability of the automobile.

In addition, Genovation also recently selected Tata Technologies to design and prototype the G2 model. The G2 model will incorporate Genovation’s research and development that went into its G1 model, an electric conversion of a Ford Focus. The conversion included the installation of an electric motor, battery string, battery management system, safety system, HVAC, controller and instrumentation.

Long term, it is Genovation’s goal to operate from a business plan that attains profitability building only 1,000 units a year through manufacturing “pods” that require only a few robots, a departure from the Detroit manufacturing model. To achieve this goal Genovation plans to rely heavily on small teams of well-trained employees. “With this model, we can be nimble and market driven in order to react to where there is a demand and volume is achieved through deployment of multiple pods,” said Mr. Saul.

Genovation was founded in 2007 by Mr. Saul. Other top company executives include Robert Irby, senior executive for manufacturing and operations, and Steven Rogers, president and chief technology officer.

Genovation plans to differentiate itself from its competition by better understanding and anticipating the requirements of its clientele; be it the suburban family concerned about spikes in the future cost of gas, green-conscious state/local government agencies, or corporations desiring a fleet of green electric cars.

About American Dynamics Flight Systems:

American Dynamics Flight Systems, Inc. (ADFS),, is a privately held corporation that designs and builds Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) with Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) capabilities. This company has extensive experience in CFD analysis and computer modeling.

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Tue. July 23rd, 2024

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