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Emitec Acquisition of Grundfos NoNOx Emitec GmbH, the joint venture between Continental and GKN Driveline, acquires Grundfos NoNOx, one of the world's foremost manufacturers of metering equipment for SCR systems. Reducing nitrogen oxides in the immediate future is the greatest challenge in exhaust gas treatment

Emitec Gesellschaft für Emissionstechnologie mbH, a joint venture between international automotive suppliers Continental and GKN Driveline, is acquiring the Danish company Grundfos NoNOx, one of the world’s leading producers of metering equipment for SCR systems, with effect from September 15th, 2010. Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is the most promising procedure for reducing the proportion of nitrogen oxides in exhaust gas to comply with legislation while developing the most economical engines. Metering systems are the central component of this exhaust gas after-treatment technology and a crucial new technology for realizing further reductions in consumption. The acquisition of Grundfos NoNOx by Emitec will complement the aftertreatment components available at Emitec and underline the company’s leading position as a provider of a broad range of products. The market in SCR systems is growing and will see demand for more than two million systems in the commercial vehicles sector in 2015. “By acquiring Grundfos NoNOx, Emitec is afforded the opportunity at this stage to adopt an outstanding position in the global market,” stressed Wolfgang Maus, Chairman of the Executive Board of the company based in Lohmar in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia: “Above all it is the extended access to the customer base of NoNOx which affords a clear time advantage.” CEO and Group President of the Grundfos Group, Carsten Bjerg, says: “We are proud to hand over our innovative company to the automotive industry. This technology will now get even better development opportunities where it can make a huge impact for the environment. We are convinced that Emitec will use its full potential”.

SCR systems: Nitrogen oxides reduced by about 80 percent with urea

The takeover will see Emitec acquire the subsidiary Grundfos NoNOx – with its development facilities in Denmark and its development and production facilities in France – from global operator Grundfos, the Danish manufacturer of industrial pumps. The company employs around 80 people. Grundfos NoNOx is one of the three major developers and producers of metering systems for SCR exhaust gas after-treatment systems. The metering systems inject a urea solution into the exhaust gas flow from a separate tank. The ammonia produced from the urea solution by hydrolysis reacts with the nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the exhaust gas and breaks it down by more than 80 percent. The SCR system not only reduces the harmful substances in the exhaust gas to a considerable extent, but also significantly lowers fuel consumption. SCR is the ideal solution for meeting the stricter Euro 5 exhaust gas standard – and the only one that meets Euro 6 – while at the same time reducing CO2 emissions.

The Grundfos Group began its activities in the field of NoNOx in 2002, and has since placed products for the two most sustainable solutions on the market, namely urea injection systems with and without air support. Target markets include, in particular, diesel engines for the truck and bus segments, as well as construction and agricultural machinery. Grundfos NoNOx already has notable manufacturers of commercial vehicles and exhaust gas systems among its clients. As the automotive sector is not one of the strategic core areas of the Grundfos Group, Emitec has now agreed to take over responsibility for these activities. Managing Director of the NoNOx Division, Jens Lübeck Johansen, says: “The acquisition by Emitec is a great opportunity for growth and further development of the NoNOx ! activity . Emitec has facilities and competencies which will mean immediate advantages to us. I am glad that Emitec wants to build on what my team has created over the past 5 years and we look forward to working with the new owner”.

Emitec is a specialist and innovative leader in the field of metallic catalyst supports and particulate soot filters for exhaust gas after-treatment systems. The production range opens up considerable synergy potential with the introduction of SCR systems in the truck and offroad market segment. Metallic support high-performance catalytic converters have low pressure loss and allow full engine power combined with minimal consumption. Flexible designs and structures ensure maximum effectiveness in a small fitting space courtesy of accurately coordinated turbulence. The SCR catalytic converter can therefore be fitted close to the engine to great beneficial effect.

The commercial vehicles and off-road segments will remai n fast-growing markets, particularly when the strict EU4 standard and comparable regulations such as Tier IV final are implemented in the newly industrializing countries (from 2011) and the off-road segment (from 2014).

Emitec and NoNOx also complement each other insofar as Emitec is active in the passenger car engine sector with its own compact SCR technology, while NoNOx collaborates with the manufacturers of large diesel engines. Production and development are carried out at a facility in France. The merger of the two companies represents a considerable extension of the Emitec range. Emitec is a global operator employing around 800 people; in 2010 sales will be of some EUR 140 million. Established in 1986, Emitec develops and produces topquality metallic-support high-performance catalytic converters and particle filters, making it a global market leader.

Emitec Gesellschaft für Emissionstechnologie mbH, based in Lohmar, Germany, was fou nded in 1986. It is a world market leader in metal suppor! ts for v ehicle exhaust gas catalysts and metal diesel particle filters. The company has about 800 employees in Lohmar and Eisenach, Germany, at its plant in Fountain Inn, South Carolina, USA, and at its production facility in Pune, India. Development centers are in Lohmar and Eisenach. Emitec is also represented in Korea, Vietnam, China, and Japan. Its most important markets are Europe, North America, and Asia. Customers include all major car and motorcycle manufacturers in the world.

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