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MIRA Ltd and GEVCO Ltd have announced that they are to collaborate on the development of a technologically advanced ‘white label’ electric vehicle that will require ‘zero compromise’ from drivers and successfully compete with petrol and diesel-powered equivalents.

The agreement was signed at the European Future Energy Forum in London today and will see MIRA’s advanced engineering, research and testing expertise brought to bear in the design of a Global Electric Vehicle (GEVCO) concept, as well as an engineering strategy capable of bringing it to market.

Starting with the compact four-seat e-city, the eventual vision is to create a series of electric vehicle platforms with multiple applications – all of which follow GEVCO’s Zero Technology Compromise philosophy and incorporate lightweight, recyclable materials alongside next generation powertrain and energy storage technologies – in order to deliver a commercially viable mass-market proposition.

Speaking at the European Future Energy Forum, MIRA CEO Dr George Gillespie said: “Today marks the start of an exciting chapter in the development of a new generation of electric vehicles. Over the coming months a joint MIRA / GEVCO team, based at our global headquarters in Leicestershire, will be applying the advanced technologies and designing concepts capable of meeting global homologation as well as market specific needs.”

Uniquely, GEVCO’s white label business model dramatically reduces the cost and risk of entry into the competitive e-motive sector. It effectively enables major international corporations to ‘own brand’ and sell an exciting range of affordable, frugal vehicles in any territory – accessing technologies that will place them ahead of many competitors in the process.

GEVCO founder and CEO Steve Woolley commented: “This collaboration will lead to the creation of a vehicle that achieves a step-change in the way society views personal mobility. We aim to create a Global Electric Vehicle that is technologically advanced, can be personalised to reflect people’s lifestyles and social values but is also cool and fun to drive – a car for the iPod generation.”

Mark Prisk, Minister for Business & Enterprise, added: “The successful businesses of the future will adapt, and help their customers, adjust to a low-carbon and sustainable world. GEVCO’s partnership with MIRA will benefit from the British motor industry’s strong research & development skills and technical know-how and will produce a vehicle that could be successful all over the world. It is an example of the type of company the UK needs. I wish them luck in the future.” 

MIRA works collaboratively on numerous projects and its ability to develop whole vehicle solutions, as well as provide independent consultancy, certification and testing recently saw it take a leading role on the development of Jaguar’s Limo Green – which is also on being showcased at ExCel during the European Future Energy Forum.

MIRA limited is a world-leader in advanced engineering, research and product testing. Over the past 62 years it has grown into a truly international organisation with facilities located around the world. MIRA’s work spans the Automotive, Defence, Aerospace and Rail industries and includes the development of ground-breaking low carbon vehicle (LCV) technologies.

GEVCO limited is a collaborative venture led by a highly experienced e-automotive team, working to bring commercially viable mass market electric vehicles to market using a collaborative business model. GEVCO has established a technology arm GEVTEC to identify, fund and develop appropriate technologies including advanced batteries, range extenders and advanced power efficient motors. Visit

Jaguar’s Limo Green – the luxury hybrid limousine that utilises an advanced drive motor, small battery pack and a small Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) for sustained cruising

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Sat. July 13th, 2024

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